9 Common Yoga Myths Dispelled

9 Common Yoga Myths Dispelled

When you hear the word yoga, words like flexibility, stretching, and breathing comes to mind. For those of you who might not be able to touch your toes, this can be very discouraging! Hence, there are a lot of misconceptions about yoga not being made for everyone, which obviously is not at all true! So here are a few common myths about yoga that we dispel.

Myth 1
Yoga Is Only For Flexible People

They don’t call it a ‘yoga practice’ for nothing. The beauty of yoga is not to meet an end goal, but to learn how to surpass all the negativity you go through when you are on your journey of life. Also, though all the bending, twists and poses may makes the body seem flexible, it is not the case. Yoga is not merely to show off your flexibility, but rather to become more flexible with practice while enjoying yoga and the health benefit it provides. Hence, yoga is for everyone and not only for the flexible!

Myth 2
Yoga Is Only For Women

Yoga does not discriminate between anything, let alone your sex. Yoga was started by men and practiced exclusively by men thousands of years ago. If anything, men need to practice yoga, considering the unhealthy lifestyle many lead today like drinking, smoking, eating junk food, etc.

Myth 3
Yoga Is The Answer To All Your Worldly Problem

Yoga is not a practice of magic. A few Surya namaskars will not magically solve all your problems. It may be a disappointment to some, but practicing yoga doesn’t lead to a wonderful life, with no worries and issues where everyone is relaxed all the time. If anything, you might become more aware of your problems and would want to solve them at the earliest. This is because, yoga will make you more aware for sure.

Myth 4
All Yoga Forms Are Similar

There are the age-old forms of yoga-like Hatha Yoga, lyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram Yoga, etc. which have been practiced for generations. However, not all of them are the same. In fact, Hatha Yoga is the original form of yoga and the rest are different variations introduced by the respective gurus.

Myth 5
Yoga Is A Religion

Not really. In fact, humanity is the only religion for yoga. People are God’s gift to mankind and everyone has the same body and soul. By respecting people He created, we are actually respecting the creator himself. Yoga teaches us that hatred leads nowhere and only love goes a long way. It creates a sense of unity that neither power nor money can teach. Everyone, no matter what caste or creed is welcome to practice yoga.

Myth 6
All Yogis Resemble Hippies

And Are Hippies All yogis don’t have a long beard or don’t wear the traditional kurta and pyjamas. Also, they do not preach the benefits of yoga to everyone around them. The intangible elements like balancing their chakras are really important for many people, but leaving the practice out can seem to be less intimidating, which is completely fine.

Myth 7
Yoga Enhances One’s Overall Personality

Sorry to burst your bubble, but yoga can never help you improve your personality. If you are a person who does not like to mince your words and is plain blunt and honest, you will continue to remain that person. Yoga will only help you accept this fact. Practicing yoga will not bring out a more pleasing person who is accepted by others. It can only make you aware of your personality and will help you to accept it.

Myth 8
Yoga Is A Form Of Workout

People look at Yoga as a form of workout which enables them to lose weight. But yoga is far beyond than just a workout! Yoga means union. This union means the connection between your soul and the universe. It is not the only word to describe this state of union, but is also the means to attain this union as meditation is essentially a state of awareness or consciousness.

Myth 9
Yoga Helps You Attain Enlightenment

Meditation and practicing yoga consistently can certainly help the way you think about life, but enlightenment is stretching it a bit! You might also experience that occasional moment of bliss, but this is the biggest myth, that all yogis have attained an eternal state of bliss. It is definitely possible, but it takes an exceptional amount of dedication, practice, and compassion towards yoga.

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