8 Mudras to Practice for Self-Healing

8 Mudras to Practice for Self-Healing

You have to sit ¡n meditation with a particular mudra, for the magic of that mudra to work

Did you know that our soul signifies a wildflower that has battled the challenges of many roadblocks in between, to emerge into a divine light of the universe? Long was the journey from the seed to the flower and unknown was its path. But amidst an aura of illuminating golden light, the little flower radiates positive energy and beauty.

Similarly, a man’s journey is also arduous, as he has to go through the grind of life. For some, who know how to walk this journey with happiness and health, life is a cakewalk, but for the ones lost in the concrete jungle, peace eludes them. Yogic mudras provide some respite, as it works as an instant energy boost for the busy bees.

Understanding What Mudras Are

Mudras are used mostly for health disorders but a few use them for success too. Not only do we have lifelines and heart lines on our palms, but each finger has its own element and that power. Mudra is a term which is used to signify a gesture, a mystic position of the hands. You have to sit in meditation with a particular mudra, for the magic of that mudra to work.

Every mudra variation has a special effect and a practitioner has to use the mudra accordingly. There are mudras for healing health, getting wealthier, to heal relationships, to gain confidence and for fulfilling wishes too!

How Does A Mudra Work?

The nerve endings at the tips of our fingers makes mudras effective, because the nerve endings are connected with organs and can lend an effect on them, by relaxing or stimulating them, depending on the need. Thus, you can recharge your batteries’ no matter where you go- while on a break, at office or at home watching television.

Our body comprises five elements – air, water, fire, ether (sky) and earth. When there is a disbalance in any of these elements, it also disturbs the Immune system, resulting in diseases. However, any inadequacy in any of these elements can be constructed in a particular manner through a mudra.

When the thumb Is brought into contact with the finger representing a specific element, that particular element is balanced and thereby the resulting disease due to it, is cured. The electromagnetic currents that run through the entire body strikes a balance between various elements which helps in restoring health.

So, the joining of the fingers itself, asserts a magical effect on the body. Each of our five fingers represents an element.

The thumb denotes fire, the index finger represents air, the middle finger represents ether, the ring finger implies earth and the little finger represents water.

Best Mudras to Practice on A Daily Basis

Gyan Mudra
Keep three fingers stretched and joined while joining the tip of your thumb with the tip of your index finger. This mudra is effective to sharpen memory and develops the intellect.

Prana Mudra
Keep the other two lingers straight while joining the tip of your ring finger with the tip of your thumb and middle finger. This mudra imparts more power to the eyes and lends a refreshing glow to the skin.

Surya Mudra
Touch the tip of your ring finger at the base of your thumb by applying pressure with your thumb on your finger. This mudra is helpful in weight management, reducing obesity and also reduces cholesterol and hypertension.

Shoonya Mudra
Press your middle finger on the base of your thumb and keep the thumb on the middle finger. Keep your other three fingers straight. This mudra provides relief from earaches and hearing defects.

Prithvi Mudra
Join the tip of your thumb and ring finger to experience a rise in energy levels. The levels of the oestrogen hormone rises too.

Vayu Mudra
Rest your thumb on your index finger and apply pressure using the index finger on the base of your thumb. This mudra helps in the management of arthritis, joint pains and also Parkinson disease.

Apan Mudra
This is a very important mudra to eliminate waste from the different parts of the body. Join the tip of your thumb with the tip of your middle and ring finger, keeping the other fingers straight. It helps regulate bowel movements and helps cure urine infections, colds, and asthma.

Varun Mudra
This mudra is formed by joining the tip of your little finger with the tip of your thumb, It is useful in treating blood detects and also imparts lustre and softness to the skin.

Health Tip

Equipped with this mysterious power, you can tread through life’s journey with more health, more wealth and a happy mind.

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