Strategies To Deal With Stress And Anxiety

Strategies To Deal With Stress And Anxiety

“Just a change in one’s thought processes can deal with issues in a completely different manner and this is the real technique for dealing with the stress monster”

There could be times when one can deal with the worst of events, but there may also be times, when it becomes more than difficult to even think about certain events. Each one of us has different endurance capacities and every individual, looks at a similar problem with a different perspective.

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The words anxiety and stress may appear to be small – but these are big mental issues to cope with. Thus, a person with a strong mind may also give up, if pressure goes beyond the capacity to manage. Nevertheless, just a change in ones thought processes can deal with issues in a completely different manner and this is the real technique for dealing with the stress monster, And, if you know yourself well, you will be able to control all your feelings. Here are a few strategies to help you deal better with stressful and anxious situations.

  • Always be positive, no matter what. Keep your attitude positive and don’t let negative thoughts come your way. Remember, what you think, becomes your language.
  • what you speak becomes your action and what you act becomes your destiny. So, choose your thoughts wisely.
  • Don’t take your anger out on your food and don’t skip your meals. Have a healthy meal always. Not eating or skipping a meal due to anger, doesn’t solve anything.
  • Take some time to pamper yourself. Listen to music, practice yoga or mediate. You could also visit a spa for a massage. Don’t spend all your time brooding over problems and their solutions. Find some time for yourself and leave the issue aside. This will clear your mind.
  • Stimulating your mind is not a very good idea when you are under mental pressure. So, say no to alcohol and caffeine as it may aggravate anxiety. Juices and fluid will help you get rid of toxins, which will make you feel lighter.
  • Sleeping helps in rejuvenating the body and the mind. Sleep well and relax yourself completely because during stressful times, your body demands adequate rest. This relaxing action will definitely make you feel more peaceful.
  • Your physical and mental health should be your first priority always. Daily exercise is a great way to make you feel good and maintain your health as well.
  • A claustrophobic feeling is common amongst people suffering from anxiety. Don’t fall prey to it. Manage this feeling with simple tips like deep breathing, inhaling and exhaling slowly.
  • Avoid being part of the rat race. Try to do your best instead of angling for perfection every time. Learn to be proud of your achievement and celebrate, however close you get. Stop imitating others’ success and feel satisfied with whatever you achieve.
  • Some things will always be beyond our understanding and capacities. So, accept that you can’t control everything. Put your stress in perspective. Talk positively to yourself and ask valid questions.
  • Laughter works wonders and is the best medicine, so learn to enjoy conversations and smile, as it can be the best psychological tools.
  • Get involved in other people. Help them solve their issues and you will end up finding solutions for many of your own problems.
  • It is important that we observe ourselves and keep a tab on our emotions because, we claim to know the world, but hardly know ourselves.
  • Try to realize the factors that trigger anxiety or stress within you, as it could be anything such as family, work, school or others. Make a mood diary and note down when you’re feeling stressed, try to find a common pattern of behavior. The world observes you, why don’t you observe yourself?
  • Trust someone and speak to them. Tell friends and family that you’re feeling sad and let them help you. We just don’t ask for help because we don’t realize that people wish to help. But, if you don’t want to open up or take help from people around you, visit a psychologist or a counsellor.

Understanding the value of life is one of the biggest virtues one can possess and sometimes, we miss out on this fact that makes life beautiful. We need to realise that every problem has a solution and all we need is the courage to find it. Also, anxiety and stress are not the diseases that makes lite difficult – over thinking, negativity, low self esteem and lack of confidence are the real killers!

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