Live One Moment At A Time!

Live One Moment At A Time!

“The ability to live in the now will lead to very few regrets in your life, enabling you to enjoy the little moments coming your way”

Focus On The Present

Life would have been like a stagnant plateau forever, if it was not ‘spiced up’ with the ups and downs we face. So, thank God for the same I Most of us don’t know our actual ‘pack up’ time from this lifetime. Therefore when we are not sure of when we are supposed to exit from this world, so why spend time planning and living in the future? How come we don’t focus on living in the present? Because, living in the now, in the moment and living it completely, is so difficult?

The Present Is A ‘Gift’

It somehow seems easier to simply escape into the dream lanes of the future, where it feels safer. Living in the present is a gift – like other gifts and talents. A lot of the differently challenged individuals have this ability, as they live and exist only in the present. The truth to them is what they see in front of their eyes and what they have in their hands which is a wonderful blessing, to not be drowned in the past or worry about the future and to simply be in the moment, to witness what the universe has to offer.

Enjoy The Little Moments

As children, we all lived in the moment. However, very few of us retain this ability as we grow up. It is a blessing to simply be in the moment and do whatever task has been asked of you. Giving it your best shot, a complete one hundred per cent! This ability to live in the now will also lead to very few regrets in life and few regrets is lesser ‘baggage’ enabling you to walk light through life enjoying the little moments coming your way.

Be Aware Of Your Thoughts

The habit of living in the present comes with a tremendous amount of practice and struggle. Being aware of your thoughts helps, as it is similar to catching the wild horse that as run loose and bringing him back to stable. We are all more efficient and calm when our thoughts are collected and in place, similar to the horse resting in his stable, rather than running around like the wind!

Experience Real Freedom!

Be in the now’ and don’t disintegrate. Practice being whole and practice giving your 100 per cent to every task at hand. You will soon realise that it is a feeling of incredible freedom! For remember, when it is time to leave for good, you just have to go.

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