Nutritious Foods For Thick And Healthy Hair

Nutritious Foods For Thick And Healthy Hair

Your hair is actually fed by the nutrients in your blood stream and nutritional deficiencies is one of the most common cause of hair loss, Thus, a balanced and healthy diet that provides the body with vital nutrients can also promote the beauty and health of your hair!

So make sure you consume fresh vegetables and fruits raw, as doing this ensures a proper supply of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to your body. Leafy green vegetables are also vital. Resolve to substitute processed foods and cereals with whole grains and natural foods. Protein (which is very good for your hair) can be obtained from lean meats, fish, egg, paneer, yogurt, beans, peas, nuts, and dals.

Best Foods For A Thick Healthy Mane

Due to the presence of amino acids, sprouted grains benefit you hair immensely. So include moong and back chana in your diet. These foods can be easily sprouted at home. Yogurt too, is a wonder food for your hair.

Have fresh and raw salads daily, consisting of fruits, vegetables, and sprouts. You can also add lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, apples, oranges, grapes, pineapple, grapefruit, nuts, and seeds to your salads.

The minerals essential for proper hair growth are potassium, iodine, sulphur, magnesium, and zinc. Iron deficiency causes brittle and dull hair and can even result in hair loss, while iodine helps to rectify thyroid functioning. If you have similar hair problems, consult your doctor for vitamin and mineral supplements.

B-complex vitamins can help maintain the shine and health of your hair and also protect it from age-related changes. Also, sufficient quantities of the B-vitamins can help to prevent and control common complaints like dandruff.

Biotin, one of the B-vitamins and essential fatty acids are also important for your hair The essential fatty acids help to promote hair growth and are available in fish flaxseed oil, walnuts and soyabean Biotin is present in eggs, wholegrains and liver.

Other Ways To Keep Your Hair Healthy

  • After washing your hair, try applying some conditioner on the ends. It is recommended to wash the hair once every two to three days.
  • Take extra care while combing your hair, especially wet hair. Make use of a broad tooth comb and comb the hair gently from the roots to the end of the hair.
  • Avoid hot water showers, as it can weaken your hair.
  • Applying almond oil is an ideal solution to treat damaged hair or to strengthen it.
  • Applying oil regularly will supply essential vitamins and minerals to your hair and will help to reduce damage.

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