Look Your Best For After Work Parties

Look Your Best For After Work Parties

What do you do if you are caught between a hard days work and a gala party at night? Will you pray for Cinderella’s fairy god mother to work magic with a few waves of her wand or will you try some quick fixes that will transform you from a tired working woman to an attractive diva? Well, resorting to the second option will certainly be a practical choice, as you know, fairy tales simply don’t exist You can apply a quick pack to perk you up and eye pads to remove fatigue, but your greatest ally is make-up. So, use it subtly and skilfully.

Make-Up Tricks To Conceal Your Flaws

If you want a face mask that will brighten your tace, just apply egg white with a few drops of lemon juice it you have oily skin. For a dry skin, take egg yolk and add half a teaspoon of honey. Soak cotton wool pads ¡n chilled rose water and apply on your eyelids. Remove them after 15 minutes and wash off the pack. Also, dip some cotton wool in chilled rose water and wipe your tace with it. The fragrance of rose has a calming effect and helps to freshen and brighten the skin by removing fatigue and thus, revitalizes you.

After cleansing, or after applying the face pack, take some ice cubes in a clean napkin and apply it on your face, a few seconds at a time. This will close the pores on your face and add a glow.

Ice cubes also work well if you are wondering how to mask a few annoying red pimples. Just hold the ice cube napkin on the pimple for a few seconds. Remove and repeat the procedure four or five times. To conceal pimples, you will need a concealer or foundation that is lighter than your skin tone and your normal foundation.

Take a little foundation with a paint brush and apply it directly on the pimple or pimple scar. lithe pimple Is red, apply a beige or yellow-based cover cream on the pimple. Avoid rubbing or smearing. Instead, pat it onto the skin and then apply loose powder on top.

To get rid of the acne scars using make-up, try applying a foundation that ¡s a shade lighter to the one you use for your entire face. Apply the foundation into the areas of the scars using a fine brush.

Under eye dark circles can be camouflaged with a concealer or foundation. Choose to apply your concealer in a triangle shape with the base at your eyelash line and the tip at the bottom region of your cheeks. This will not only enhance and brighten up your face, but will also mask the redness and reduce puffiness beneath your eyes.

Now, apply your normal foundation on the rest of your face. you can also apply pressed powder (compact powder) on your entire face, but make sure it is close to your normal skin tone.

To get a perfect glow, after cleansing your face or after applying a face pack, take some ice cubes in a clean napkin and apply it on your face, a few seconds at a time.

Smokey eyes are perfect for a gala night. So use black eyeliner to line your eyeüds, close to the lashes and also the lower lid, Smudge the line and then apply a dark shadow on the lids. For that extra touch – opt for eyeliner that has some flecks of glitter? Another alternative for eye make-up is to use a bronze coloured shadow on your eyelids. Don’t forget to highlight under your brows and on your cheekbones.

You may be dead tired after a hard day’s work, but to achieve a wide-awake look, use a nude coloured eye pencil to line the lower lids. The eyes immediately look open, wide and brighter.

Most women desire fuller lips with a pout which is a rage these days and is considered to be most appealing. Well, you’re in luck, because there are various ways by which you can get a pouty look. Here’s a simple trick – choose light colours and lipsticks that are glossy, as it makes the lips appear voluminous.

Start by first applying foundation with a light dab of powder to set the base. Outline your lips using a lip pencil that matches the colour of your lipstick. To give the illusion of a pout, apply a light coloured lip gloss at the centre with the lipstick covering the rest of the portion of your lips.

Make-Up Tip

Whether it is eye shadow or foundation, remember to blend well, so that the make-up looks whole, without lines and blotches. You need to have a hawk eyed approach in covering your flaws with some of these tricks and thus look effortlessly magical, despite being tired!

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