How To Take Care Of Your Nails While Travelling

How To Take Care Of Your Nails While Travelling

“Instead of nail polish removing lotion, get the polish removing pads as they are most convenient, while travelling”

When it comes to good grooming, the smallest details count, even it you are travelling. And any sign of neglect, like chipped nail varnish can mar your entire appearance. However, when you are away from home, the means to make yourself attractive are not easily available, Of course, the wise thing to do would be to get a manicure done before setting out on your journey. Go for a professional salon manicure, so that it is properly done. Have your nails filed and buffed. Also, use a base coat and a top coat to help the manicure last longer, without chipping.

UV Resistant Top Coats

Did you know that the sun can affect your nails too? So, for protection from the sun, use a clear and transparent nail polish as a top coat. Sunscreen or UV resistant top coats can also be applied on your nails for better protection from UV rays. So, to protect your nails, apply a transparent base coat first and then apply the colour of your choice, This helps to protect your nails and prevents chances of chipped nail polish.

Cleanse And Brighten Your Nails

If you don’t use nail polish, take a piece of chamois leather or a buffer to buff your nails, as they remove discolouration and impart a lovely shine to the nails, It chamois leather is not available, pierce a fresh orange peel with a fork and rub the peel on your nails for cleaner, brighter nails.

Massage With Hand Cream

If you are planning to visit the seaside, or go hiking in the hills, you need to protect your hands and nails by massaging them with hand cream. The best time to do this would be at night, before bedtime. First start applying cream on the back of your hands as this area ¡s prone to dryness, because the skin on the back of the hands is thin and has no oil glands, it tends to become dry easily.

Cuticle Care

Also, the cuticle (skin surrounding the nail) should be kept soft and smooth or else it sticks to the nail and gets dragged as the nail grows. Massage cream on the hands, nails and skin around the nails daily, it only takes a few minutes of your time. Also, push the cuticles back gently using a cotton bud. However, never use sharp instruments to clean under the nails. Use a cotton bud and cream to clean under the nails and push back cuticles.

Easy Scrub

Here’s an easy scrub for your hands and nails that consists of ingredients that are easily available when travelling. Just mix together a little cold milk and sugar and use it as a scrub on your hands. The sugar may also be mixed with your moisturizing cream or lotion to work as a scrub for the back of your hands and around your nails. Once the sugar dissolves, rinse well with water.

Nail Polish Touch Ups

While travelling, you may also have to touch up your nail polish. In such a scenario, you need to apply the polish again, but first remove the old nail polish, then apply cream and massage your hands. Use a moist towel to wipe oft the excess cream and from the base to the tip apply the nail varnish.

Two coats of colour will be needed for an even finish. First apply one coat of colour, wait for it to dry and then apply the second coat. It’s also a good idea to apply a transparent top coat, as this helps the nail polish last longer.

Carry The Essentials

So, for nail care think of your travel essentials first. Get yourself a small, plastic lined case to carry your nail care kit. And among the nail care aids you need to carry are hand cream for your nails and cuticles, as well as rubber gloves to protect your nails while using soap and detergents. A nail file and nail clippers are important too. Also, instead of nail polish removing lotion, get the polish removing pads as they are most convenient, while travelling.

Don’t forget to take your emery board, orange stick, cotton buds and of course, nail polish, even if you need it, just for a touch up. You can also take the nail polish colour you normally use, because carrying several for choice, can be cumbersome. Incidentally, a light coloured nail polish is less noticeable if it chips.

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