6 Healthy Makeup Habits You Should Adopt

6 Healthy Makeup Habits You Should Adopt

Use Moisturizer Regularly
Use a moisturizer as an essential part of your daily regime as your skin needs constant hydration. When the skin is thirsty, a moisturizer gives it the hydration it needs. Moisturizing your skin also helps in keeping it soft, supple, comfortable and attractive.

Less Makeup And More Skin
It’s time to go for a more natural look rather than the over contoured one. Inted moisturizers are great to start with, as preparation is key! The second step is to use a sheer foundation to reveal your skin and provide a natural effect. A dash of eye shadow on your eyelids and a little blush will create a natural flush. Complete your natural look with nude lips.

Remove Makeup Before Going To Bed
Removing makeup should be strictly followed before going to bed, as the skin tends to get damaged excessively if the makeup is not removed. Your skin has the ability to renew itself when you are asleep. So if you sleep with makeup on, it will prevent your skin from renewing itself. Also, if you don’t remove your makeup at night, it can clog your pores and lead to acne and breakouts.

Prep Your Skin Before Makeup
The secret to flawless and naturally glowing skin is achieved through skin preparation. If the skin of your face is prepped correctly before you start your makeup, the makeup session will be smooth and you will look wonderful with the minimal use of makeup.

Wash Your Makeup Brushes Every Week
You should not use anyone else’s makeup brushes or sponges to avoid any breakout on your skin. Dirty brushes can create more debris on your face rather than helping with proper makeup. This can also create irritations and itchiness on your skin. So cleaning your brushes every week will keep its softness intact and it won’t cause any damage to your face when you use it.

Wear Sunscreen Every Day
Wearing sunscreen every day prevents premature ageing. It also lowers blotchiness on the face and enhances your skin health.

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