Why I Stopped IIT Prep & Started Farming in Gir Forest’: 25-YO’s Soul-Searching Journey

Most of us who are living in a city will usually feel hectic through the busy life and traffic. We have a dream to go to a remote place and settle there throughout our lives and make our own farming. But no one will do that as it is not as simple as we think, right?

But the 25-year-old boy had made a wise decision and left his busy and hectic life and started organic farming and leading a stress-free and chemical-less life. Let us look into the life of Siddharth Kubavat by looking deep into the article.

How and Why Siddharth Kubavat Has Started Farming

Siddharth Kubavat is 25 years old and grew up in the village of Junagadh. When he was in his village he always wanted to crack IIT and wanted to become an engineer. Also, he says that he started preparing for IIT a bit early in his academic career.

But after preparing for two years and mugging up in the syllabus and trying to meet the competencies he has realized that he cannot even spend a minute of his life like this anymore.

He wants to prepare for something other than IIT and he does not want to end up his life with the bills that he gets. And he also realized that corporate or city life is just about earning money.

After completing his schooling, he took a break for one year, to learn about his passion without doing engineering.

After looking into many programs he eventually discovered that he was passionate about farming and he went to the farming workshop and then realized that there is much more to explore about farming than he thought.

Stepping Path into Organic Farming in Gir Forest

Once he discovered his passion for farming, he hoped that this might help him to find himself. And started spending in nature, and staying close to nature, which gave him many answers.

Even he volunteered for every permaculture and natural farming all around India and that kept his interest alive. And it gave him so much satisfaction and inspiration and he decided to live on it.

So he has made a decision to make organic farming as it gives him satisfaction and he can make money out of it too not only as an engineer. And finally, in 2020 he purchased a farmland in “Gir Forest”.

Siddharth says “As we all know about global warming and the deaths that are caused by chemically grown vegetables and fruits. So I decided to live a healthier life by farming organically and also want to keep them healthy who are around me”.

So he started organic farming by using all-natural fertilizers, and he introduced many clever techniques for developing more goal-oriented organic farming.

The Success of Organic Farming

Now after knowing many techniques and patterns of growing plants, he grows fruits like papaya, mango, dragon fruit, jack fruit, kiwi, and many others, and coming to vegetables he grows eggplant, beans, bitter gourd, and many other chemical-free vegetables.

Not only fruits and vegetables, he also grows flowers like roses and others. As he was growing foods organically, he even suggested neighbors do the same.

He advises that a farmer needs to look for and level companion plants as some plants prefer sun and some prefer shade. He shares tips and provides consultancy services with many people who are interested in farming.

He calls his farm the “Joy Jungle” as he lives close to nature in harmony and Mother Earth. Siddharth hosted 8 residential workshops and he taught his farming techniques to 36 youngsters.

Even he gives them a tour of his farm and educates them on how food is produced. As they started in a pandemic, it has taken a while to set and come on track to reach as many as possible.

Future Plans of Siddharth

As many of them are not able to come and attend workshops, or know about workshops for many people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle, he wanted to expand his farming workshops online too. He started to show his work on Instagram to reach more youth.

Even he started constructing a mud house to grow his organic endeavours, The design is under construction and it completed by 2023 March.

When we ask Siddharth about his life on a farm, he replies “ My life is beautiful on the farm and I get up early in the morning with the alarm of birds chirping and the rise of sunlight. Then I spend some quality time on the farm, by taking a nice cup of tea made with the herms that were grown on the farm.

Many of them think that we cannot able to find anything in remote places, but as everything is here, why do we need to stay somewhere in cities?

Every day is something interesting on the farm. Along with organic farming, I spend a lot of time just observing birds, the natural world, and insects that they grow on plants.

If you ask Siddharth if life is not difficult on the farm, he replies with a satisfactory answer. That is “If you ask me it is not at all difficult for me, as all of us are naturally drawn to rural life, but we are the ones who made our life more complex by constructing buildings and machines.

Final Outcomes

By reading the above article, we as a team hope that you got interested to know more about him, right?

If you are not able to go and visit the farm, you can just follow him on Instagram and connect to the workshops online to see how this young man is demonstrating content about his farm, tips, and techniques.

Even you can contact him directly at the number 8000598859. If you like this story about organic farming, You can also know many inspiring stories of youth who are into farming like Tirupati Farmapreneur Who Started Soil Less Farming. 

You can also learn about innovative ideas in farming, social initiatives, and many agriculture and farming articles, on our versionweekly.com website.

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