72-YO Creates New Dragon Fruit Varieties After Collecting 88 Types From Around the World

If you are from Kerala, changanassery, you do not need any introduction to Karackadu orchards, which started six years ago.

Look into the article thoroughly to learn about, how to grow dragon fruit varieties, how the owner of Karackadu orchards, started his dragon fruit farming, and many more are provided.

Successful Story of Karackadu Orchards Owner Who Created 88 Types of Dragon Fruit Varieties

Joseph Karackadu is a 72-year-old person from changanassery, Kottayam, Kerala. As his son’s family is in the US, he went there, and he tasted a sweet dragon fruit for the first time in his life. And it cost seven dollars at that time. It was all done six years ago.

Look into the below points about how he got the idea and how he started this dragon fruit variety farming.

  • When he ate the dragon fruit six years ago, he noticed a sticker on the fruit and saw the name of the company Ecuador and researched about them and started to know about that dragon fruit.
  • He liked that dragon fruit from the company Ecuador as he was so fascinated by the fruit he used to grow them and wrote a letter to the Ecuador company to send some stems of that dragon fruit for him.
  • He did not just stop with those stems, he also collected other varieties of dragon fruit stems in the US, with the help of his son and his family.
  • He came to India, to his place, not just with dragon fruit stems, but with the idea of keeping the dragon fruit nursery.
  • Then, before he went to the US, he used to work machine tools industry but found no hope.
  •  Even though he didn’t have any experience in the field of agriculture, he thought of starting dragon fruit farming.
  • Before coming to agriculture he replanted the machine tools industry and failed and he tried in the electric vehicle industry but again he failed and then he thought to start farming after eating and knowing about dragon fruit.
  • Even though there is no financial burden as all his three sons are settled abroad they helped and encouraged him to start the nursery.
  • He started the nursery in the 65 cent area which is located near his house.
  • After he started farming dragon fruit, as that plant is a desert plant, it does not require much watering, and even if it grows in any type of climate, those plants have grown easily in the nursery.
  • He named his nursery Karackadu Orchads, and he even created these exotic fruits by combining them on his own.
  • Out of 10 new plants, one has successfully grown in his nursery and he named those two plants as “Red Chilli” and “Wonder Boy”.
  • And it took him five years to grow his own plants. He plants 12-16 inches in the wide pots to make saplings.
  • And Joseph will never plant a tree in his nursery without tasting a sample of that fruit. And he plants those which are very good to eat.
  • That is also one of the main reasons, why everyone likes the fruits in his nursery and has customers all around the world.
  • Fruit cost ranges from Rs. 100 to Rs. 1200 based on the type of fruit and even he sends the courier who asks for it but it costs extra.
  • Look into some of the varieties of dragon fruits with names that are Columbian yellow, Armando, Israel yellow, American beauty, Orejona, and many more.
  • In Joseph Nursery there are 6000 stems of different types of fruits, that are sold eerie month.
  • Even he has the idea of selling his fruits in the market.

Final Outcomes

Finally, for 2022 Joseph has 88 varieties of dragon fruit plants in his nursery which are taken from different countries like Brazil, Taiwan, the Philippines, and many more.

Now, as he is selling his fruits from the nursery as his own, he also has an idea to sell the fruits by introducing them into the market.

By listening to his story, you may get the thought to taste those varieties of fruits, right? If you want to taste them contact +91 94472 94236.

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