LLb Grad Grows & Supplies Organic Veggies to Kerala’s Supermarts, Earns Rs 40 Lakh/Yr

Nowadays everyone is interested in eating only organic vegetables, and also showing interest in growing vegetables and fruits on the terrace or at home.

Read the story of such a person, who is interested in farming and quit even his job to grow fresh vegetables. Even though his family does not into farming background, he has much interest in gardening.

He is an LLB grad too, we will look into the article to know the complete story of this LLB graduate who is earning Rs. 40 lakh/year with organic farming.

Inspirational Story of an LLB Graduate Who Earn Rs.40 Lakhs/Year

Nishad VR is from Kerala and has no farming background, he is a law graduate and knows how he got interested to do farming by quitting his job in the below sections.

  • While Nishad studying in college, has started a mushroom farm in his house and the produce has been sent to his college store to make decent pocket money.
  • Also, there is a tiny kitchen garden in Nishad’s house and he used to help his mother with taht after some days he got busy with his career and he stopped doing that.
  • As he studied LLB, he worked as a lawyer for 15 years in several companies.
  • But he doesn’t have interest anymore and looking for some other work which is new to him.
  • At that same time, he is also assisting his mother in renovating the kitchen garden.
  • When he saw the good chili harvest in their kitchen garden, he got interested in it.
  • He wanted to start farming, but there was not much space around his house, so he searched for two acres to take for lease, but his friend had 1.5 acres of land and told Nishad to use his land without any lease.
  • In 2016, he sowed chili seeds and got good results. Even though they harvested a good amount of chilis due to fluctuation of price, he didn’t get good profits.
  • Then he started other varieties of crops on the same land. Along with that, he expanded the farm as well.
  • By seeing the success of his land, the village secretary of Alappuzha allotted him a few more barren lands in the district.
  • Even he took some more land in Kozhinjampara, Palakkad. And he visits that farm every two weeks.
  • On that farm, he has six permanent employees, and on his other farm in Cherthala, he himself manages and has two full-time workers.
  • He used to grow spinach, papaya, and chilies.

Tips Provided by Nishad To Future Farmers

If you are a person who is interested in starting farming, then you need to follow these simple tips below.

  • For the people who wanted to start farming, Nishad told them to start small rather than big.
  • And before you start farming, go to the local farmers and ask them which fruit or vegetable is sold well and try them.
  • To experiment with farming 10 cents land is preferable.
  • Do not try to use more pesticides, rather try to use organic methods.
  • Once you get some experience you can start expanding your farmland.
  • And he also says employing technology is the only way to develop and promote farming.

Key Outcomes

To try those organic vegetables, customers can either order items through the app or have their website rather than procuring them directly from shops. Even they have a home delivery option too. Today, Prasanth has 13.5 acres of land with more than 14 varieties of vegetables and plants.

Since 2018, Nishad has been able to sell over 130 tonnes of produce every year. Few brands, Marari Fresh is also one that doesn’t stop production even in the lockdown period.

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