Meet the Engineer of Kerala To Learn How He Turns His House into 500 Rare Medicinal Plants Hub

Medicinal Man of Kerala: Do you know that, there is a Kerala engineer who is well known for collecting medicinal plants and growing them at home? Till now he has grown 500 medicinal varieties and made his house a green surprise.

He is an inspiration for many people and indirectly he helped several people to achieve their passion and work for humans and encouraged many people to share their knowledge with others. Scroll down and read his success story of how an engineer turns his home into a hub of over 500 rare medicinal plants.

Inspiring Story of “Medicinal Man of Kerala”

Ezekiel Poulose is a resident of Kerala, and he is a systems architect by profession. He has a hobby of collecting different types of herbs wherever he has traveled, and this has been quite a common thing for nearly 15 years.

He grows all those collected medicinal herbs on his own on the eco-friendly farm that is on 4 acres of land adjacent to his house. This land and his house are on the outskirts of Kochi with many natural resources like fish farming, tubers, nutmeg, and many more!!!

His interest in collecting medicinal herbs started from 2007 to 2008. His father used to collect the herbs like that and the same interest came to Ezekiel too. Ezekiel calls himself a “Collector of Herbs”.

The first plant that he collected was nutmeg. By seeing its yield he got more interest to grow more varieties. Like that, his interest increased day by day to collect rare plants for their incredible medicinal properties.

When he is collecting plants, he not only buys them, but he either exchanges a plant for the other rarest medicinal spices or even buys and sells it for free of cost. Through this work, he also became a member of the medicinal plant collector community.

Due to his interest, even his friends from Karnataka, and other northern regions help him to find some rare spices of medicinal plants.

After the first one, soon he started growing Rudraksha, the tree that was commonly found in the Himalayas, paarijatham, athi Chakkarakolli (this is the plant that reduces the cravings for sweet), betadine plant, Lakshmi taru, Shimshapa ( Indian Rosewood) and many more was added.

Even with a busy work schedule, he doesn’t leave to collect plants. Even while working in Bengaluru, he visits Ernakulam every weekend and checks his plants that they are Okay or not.

He even introduced exotic plants, including the carnivorous pitcher plant. Taking care of these plants is not only the serenity of being in a green space. It also makes him very happy and gets out of stress.

Ezekiel has an interest in achieving medicinal plants that can cure different ailments. Even he has the plant of Anali Vegam for treating the vampire bites.

Final Outcomes

From Engineer to Gardener, Ezekiel has influenced many people across several regions to make it a passion and grow profits. He says “If you truly care for plants, you can easily convince them about their importance”.

He also says that everyone should have a hobby anything to calm their mind. Not only collecting plants, he also has the idea of starting an herbal retreat for students.


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