How to Grow These 3 Winter Veggies & Why August is The Best Month to Start

August, when you listen to this month, what comes into your mind? The people who grow fruits and vegetables on the terrace or garden will be very happy as they have harvested summer vegetables and fruits and can start planting their winter seeds.

But as everyone does not know which type of vegetables are best to grow and even some of them do not know how to grow them, this article will help you a lot.

Check out the article completely and learn about the ways to grow 3 types of veggies that are important in daily use by Anupama Desai.

About Anupama Desai And How She Started Growing These Veggies

These days as everyone is interested in growing vegetables on terraces or in the garden, Anupama desai is also one of them. Look into the below points to know completely about her and how she is growing vegetables and many more.

  • Anupama Desai is a home gardener who organizes home and terrace gardening workshops.
  • Maybe you may think, how does she know all these things, why because she has taken a small course on home gardening.
  • But she always says, gardening is always the trial and error method, you cannot able to know just by learning without growing them on your own as it is a trial and error method.
  • Many people when they plant the veggie seeds if they fail to grow they stop growing. But even though we failed we need to try them in many different ways.
  • You can even grow the plants successfully with the way that Anupama has grown her veggies as she has taken the harvest successfully.
  • Anupama Desai says that from August the temperature will generally start becoming humid and temperature fall and that is the perfect time for growing many types of vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

Way to Grow Top 3 Winter Veggies in August Month

Anupama has explained how can you grow winter vegetables and fruits successfully, she has explained 5 types of veggies that grow under the soil, flower-like vegetables and tomatoes.

So that you can even grow any other type of winter vegetables easily. Even she conducts workshops on this concept.

  • Cauliflower
  • Beetroot
  • Tomatoes

How to Grow Cauliflower in August Month

To grow cauliflower on the terrace or home garden you need to buy seeds from the market, if you are interested in trying it for the first time.

Otherwise, if you already have grown them and have previous seeds, then prepare them for planting by adding turmeric water or Trichoderma powder to the seeds.

Even by looking at the way of growing cauliflower, you can also grow broccoli in the same way.

  • First, take the seeds as we have discussed above, and also take the sapling tray or medium-sized pot.
  • Plant the seeds in them by adding potting mix to the tray with 50 percent of normal soil and 50 percent of cocopeat and compost.
  • Once after emerging leaves are to the seeds, you need to transfer them to the larger pot.
  • As you need to see the result in a month you need to water the small pot regularly.
  • And you need to see flowering in 45 days, then you can say that the plant is growing healthy.
  • And also add manure to them as you need to see the vegetables soon for roughly 2.5 months.
  • As we are growing at our home, dont use chemical pesticides that are available in the market, just add organic pesticides like neem cake or cows milk.

How To Grow Beetroot in August Month

As beetroot is a root crop, the pot that you are using should have a good drainage system and if you are growing them in a bag it should be deep.

  • Any vegetable that you are growing should plant the seeds in a small pot and transfer them to the bags that you want.
  • For beetroot, take a small pot or use plastic bottles by cutting them, anyway as they go into the garbage.
  • Mix the soil by adding cocopeat, sand, and compost as we already discussed above.
  • Plant the seeds into that soil pot at a little distance from each other.
  • Dont just sprinkle the seeds on the top, but after planting the seeds cover them again with the soil on the top.
  • After that sprinkle some water on the top and keep the pot in the shaded area. Because too much exposure to the plants is not good.
  • After two to three weeks, the plants will get sprouting, and dont forget to water the plants without drying them out.
  • And finally, they will be ready to transplant them to a bigger pot.
  • Even after transplanting the trees in the bigger pot, keep watering them and place them in the shade for two to three days.
  • And then after that, you can move it to the sunny area.
  • Provide some pesticides like mustard cake, neemkhali, or some other natural solution.
  • Finally, beets will be ready within a month, harvest them and enjoy.

How to Grow Tomatoes in August Month

Tomatoes are a very important vegetable that every one of us uses in many dishes. We can say, some of them use it in every dish too. So there is a huge need for tomatoes in every house.

As growing tomatoes is easy, everyone can grow them on their terrace and enjoy the fresh and juicy tomatoes.

But if you want to take the greater yields you need to check out the below points.

  • Take a pot or grow bag which is very spacious and fill it with the soil mix that we have already mentioned in the cauliflower plant.
  • Then add the seed and cover it up with the soil again on the top.
  • Sprinkle the water on the top every day without missing.
  • Within 10 days the seed should start sprouting and then be transferred to another pot after reaching the plant to an inch.
  • Please do not over-plant in only one pot, each plant needs each pot for a good amount of yields.
  • By doing all this your plant will be ready.

How To Grow Cabbage in August Month

Cabbage is different from all the vegetables as it can be grown using the stem along with the seeds. The stem that you throw it will be useful for growing the cabbage plant.

To see how to grow this cabbage in the winter month of August look into the below steps.

  • Firstly, you need to cut the stem without causing any damage to the sprout.
  • Then take a wide pot or container to mix the soil for the cabbage plant. And always make sure that the pot has a good drainage system or not.
  • Add the spout part to the soil plant it and then cover it with more soil on the top.
  • Like other vegetable plants, sprinkle the water on the top without missing a single day.
  • And cabbage plants need plenty of sunlight. In about two weeks, the plant should start growing.
  • After completion of one month, you need to add fertilizers like onion peel water or banana peel water.
  • Within 2.5 months to 3 months, the cabbage should be ready.
  • Enjoy it fresh by harvesting.

Final Outcomes

By listening to all these processes, you might feel very relaxed and easy to grow your own vegetables on your terrace garden and enjoy a good amount of yields.

So, prepare your home gardens for the coming winter and grow them easily in an organic way as every vegetable has become chemical. And keep your body healthy.

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