How to Grow Organic Papaya at Home: Expert Shares Easy Gardening Tips

Looking for the best tips and want to know how to grow papaya at home easily? Then you have come to the right place have a look at the article to get tips on growing papaya at home by the expert gardener who has started it small and now it has now become very famous in Chennai.

Interesting to know about him, right? Without any further delay, check out the below article and know about that expert gardener and also tips for growing papaya trees.

Know About the Terrace Gardener Mythreyan N M

Mythreyan N M is a terrace gardener from Chennai who grows many types of vegetables and fruits on his terrace. Have a deep look into the history of Mythreyan why he started terrace gardening and many more.

  • The main aim of Mythreyan to start terrace gardening is to teach his children about each and every fruit and vegetable.
  • He started terrace gardening in 2013, which has a space of 1200 square feet.
  • Firstly when he started gardening he didn’t start big, but just he grew some seasonal vegetables.
  • Later he expanded to many fruits, vegetables, and others.
  • Slowly he has developed many fruits and vegetable trees and started running his own store that sells all the needs of gardening like fertilizers, cow dung, grow bags, neem oil, neem cake, and others.
  • He is not the only one who runs the garden and store, there are also some of his friends who are associated with it.
  • He says that gardening is always a trial-and-error method. Initially, you may not see success but do not lose hope and try it.
  • Mythreyan has cultivated all fruits and vegetables on the terrace in drums.
  • Many plants include chickoo, mulberry, raspberry, lemon, rambutan, papaya, and many more.
  • Out of all these fruits papayas are grown naturally and even below we are going to share some tips to grow papayas organically.
  • As it is healthy tropical fruits with many antioxidants growing in your home will be very beneficial.
  • Even growing papaya and eating it will help you fight constipation and bloating.

Some of the Tips To Know on Growing Papaya Healthy On Terrace By Expert Gardener

Tips and trick to grow papaya easily at home

Have a look into some tips and tricks to follow, if you are looking to grow papaya at home organically and to get a good harvest.

  • The first thing, you need to know when you are thinking of growing papaya at home is you need to research on which variety of papaya will be good for your weather conditions.
  • Mostly red lady papaya will be good for any type of weather conditions to grow on the terrace and even it grows fast and gives fruits.
  • When you take a pot to plant the seeds you need to take the container/drum/pot/ which is at least two feet tall.
  • You need to mix the soil with cocopeat, any organic fertilizer, and wet sand and you need to mix all these in equal ratios.
  • Usually, papaya will not get any pest attacks. But in case it happens, spray natural insecticides that are made of neem cake.
  • The drum in which papaya seeds were planted should be placed in a non-windy area. Because papaya plants cannot withstand the wind.
  • Provide a handful of manure to the papaya saplings once a month.
  • And also sufficient sunlight is needed for the papaya plants.
  • Even leaves of papaya can also be used as an insecticide. Wondering how? Just soak neem cake and papaya leaves in cow urine for a month and after that dilute it with water and spray it on the trees.
  • When you are thinking of growing saplings, it is better to take them from experienced gardeners.
  • Look at the leaves as there will be small ants and insects which will eat the leaves. You need to observe them very carefully.

Key Outcomes

As you have the tips and tricks to grow papaya trees at home it might be very beneficial for you as you are looking for them. Mythreyan says it is also a favorite fruit for their family and they love to eat that fruit.

Even though Mythreyan started terrace gardening only for his children, today it has grown so much and he does not do terrace gardening but he also owns a garden store in Chennai with a wide selection of seeds and many others.

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