Leaving Desk for Digital Soil: Bihar Woman’s ‘Online Garden’ on YouTube Brings in Lakhs

“Prakriti’s Garden” is a famous gardening channel on YouTube and that name is known to all the people who are interested in gardening. Reshma Ranjan is the one who started this YouTube channel to share tips on how to nurture their own gardens for their followers. 

If you know her journey of starting a YouTube channel, you will be inspired and shocked. Look into the story of how she started her online garden on YouTube, and many more. 

Successful Story of Online Gardener Who Quit Govt Job For Her Passion

Here we are going to provide the complete journey of Reshma Ranjan (Bihar Woman)  from childhood to YouTube. It will be very inspiring and interesting. 

About Reshma Ranjan (Online Gardener)

Reshma Ranjan is a resident of Bokaro, Jharkhand. From childhood, Reshma has been to grow up in a plant-loving family in Bihar.  As her grandparents love to plant trees, she also inherited that as she has seen them from childhood. 

She has grown up listening to the words of her grandparents about different types of crops, plants, and flowers. Her grandparents used to grow all types of trees, and plants to spread positivity and joy. 

As, a child, Reshma always used to sit under the trees, which made her feel relaxed. That is the same life she wanted to continue after growing up.

She completed her studies and got a master’s degree in plant breeding genetics and Agricultural Sciences at the Indian Council of Agricultural Resources which landed her a government job. 

As she loves plants, she doesn’t have a dull day till today. Because her house is filled with full of plants it looks like her small nest is blanketed by the shade of green. 

Why Bihar Woman (Reshama) Started Her YouTube Channel

As she grew up in plants, even though she got a government job after the completion of her studies, she was not happy doing her roles and responsibilities as an agriculture coordinator. She felt that she was stuck in that job, as she has a passion for teaching about plants and gardening to others. 

So, she immediately quit her government job in order to achieve her passion. Reshma has thought of starting a YouTube channel to share her experiences, tips, and much more knowledge about plants. 

After quitting the job, she started working on a YouTube channel by placing videos on all the knowledge that she had on plants. Launched her first YouTube channel in 2016 which is named “Nature in Pot”. 

Turning Point of Reshma’s YouTube Channel

Since she started her YouTube channel in 2016, it took some time to gain followers, and when she got some support from plant lovers she came on track and she realized that people were getting frustrated with their jobs and making a hobby of growing plants. 

She also started her second channel by naming it as “Prakriti’s Graden”. In that channel, she released a video on “How to grow rose plants”, and she served as a milestone in the success of the channel. And also started sharing tips for growing plants, by showing how her plants are growing and booming. 

Slowly, all the videos started going into the public with millions of views. She grows all types of fruits, vegetables, and decorative plants. Soon after that, many top brands reached her by asking her to promote their brands. 

With that, she started to earn money with the hobby. She is now a full-time YouTuber with lakhs of subscribers. She potted 2,000 plants in her garden or at home. Presently she has 9 lakh subscribers on her YouTube channel and thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram. 

She is now earning Rs. 1 lakh per month with her YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Finally, quitting her job makes her good to achieve her passion. 

Key Outcomes

Reshma Ranjan is an inspiration for many plant lovers and she educates people to plant trees the right way and keep them healthy. Planting trees these days is very important to get oxygen for humans. 

A healthy plant is representative of a healthy mindset. She is also an inspiration for many people who are struggling to quit their jobs to follow their passion. If you have confidence in your passion start doing it. 

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