What Your Colour Choices Say About You

What Your Colour Choices Say About You

Colours have an immense impact on our lives, both positive and negative. They represent many emotions, moods and contribute in keeping us motivated and energised, They also make us feel loved. Life can take in all the colours possible. Imagine splashing colours on it every time you emote, every time you interact and every time you dream? This is reason enough to lead a colourful life.

The Different Colours
Let’s do a small exercise. Close your eyes and imagine the different colours that start forming in your mind’s eye. YoulI perhaps see black, indicating a tough nature. It stands alone and takes in all the negativity. Now imagine red. The bright, fiery one reminds one of life’s sustaining fluid which makes us alive. Pink may indicate the child in you and green represents growth. White is an indicator of all-encompassing inner peace.

Colours And Our Mind
One imagines a colour and it sets the pace for parallel cognitive processing in our mind. Colours can make us think of both appealing and non appealing functional aspects of our lives and sometimes beyond. The human mind is indeed, very complex and interesting. There are generalizations which can be drawn at the biological level, but the commonality factor stops there.

The individualistic nature of the human mind takes position. depending on the perception, the trigger or the stimulus. The stimulus here is colour. We tend to be instinctively drawn towards the colours we favour and need. Colours draw us to themselves depending on our moods, thought processes and the state of our mind.

Colours At Home
Home is where the first concepts of colours are formed. The different colours we use at home indicate our emotions, happiness, anger, guilt etc. which are essentials of a functioning individual. Certain colours help us maintain and upgrade our psychological well-being. Colours at home add balance; they benefit our bodies, minds and channelize our emotions.

Science says, colours resonates energies of different frequencies and wavelength. Certain warm colours like red, orange and yellow are energising and happy. Orange
especially is known to be a joyous colour, it releases tension and can stimulate one’s mind. Green gives one a feeling of having more space in a room, its affinity to nature promotes intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships Blue and shades of blue have a soothing effect. There is a feminine aspect to blue; one is drawn to blue either in a low phase or a calm phase Blue at home indicates sensitivity, confidence, withdrawal and vulnerability as well. Indigo on the other hand, stimulates ones imagination, It’s a divine colour and can have a relieving effect.

Colours like brown relate a closeness to Mother Nature, indicating secure and stable relationships. It also expresses restlessness, repressed emotions and low self confidence. Greyish tones at home may speak volumes about independence and confidence. It also shields one from external influences. Turquoise has a cleansing effect, reinforces sharing and sensitivity amongst family members and aids in creativity. The use of magenta at home helps people to be more supportive of each other.

Each of the colours is special in their own right. Homos nurture colours which contribute to the psychological state of the people living there. Use of colours at home brings m connectivity, memories and a whole range of emotions.

De-Clutter Your Life

Colours And Individuality
Colours are also evident in the growth patterns of people both physically and emotionally. And as colours are both complementary and contrasting, they bring in comfort. protection and mystery. They can also be associated with feelings of being blue, negativity or aggression. This contradictory nature of colours is a must for any individual as it helps in rational decision making and instils the idea of what is known as a wide ranged thinking activity.

Colours broaden the horizon for thinking different and thinking better. The end result may not always be to our liking but colours reveal our hidden untapped potential. They also reveal the black and white part of our existence.

The choice of colours at homes definitely depends on people living in it, though sometimes easy availability and access to certain products also dictate the presence of certain colours at one’s home. In the second case, we eventually get used to whatever is available in front of us and adapt our personalities to it, most of the time, whereas our personal choice of colours and spacing at home talk about our different personality types. So condusively, colours affect our psychological existence and well-being in every possible way!

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