Wellness And Health With Physiotherapy

Wellness And Health With Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists are the right professionals to consult and get your fitness levels assessed before starting any new exercise routine

People hitting the gym, visiting parks or trying out new workout regimes has become a common sight. This is because there is an increasing awareness of health and fitness among people these days. So it is not just about a pain-free today, as people are relentlessly working towards a painless tomorrow!

One area of expertise that takes care of overall health and wellness is physiotherapy. This is a speciality in human anatomy, exercise physiology, and biomechanics. Physiotherapy finds faulty movement patterns and corrects them through various modes like exercise, stretching, strengthening and neuromuscular education.

Correcting Faulty Movements And Patterns

Wrong postures and sedentary lifestyles eventually lead to wrong pattern of movement. These faulty movements are from memories and each time this wrong pattern is repeated, the memory becomes stronger. After a while, they seem normal to the brain.

A simple example of unknowingly shrugging the shoulder while hanging a purse (because that is normal to the brain) leads to neck and shoulder pain. This in turn, might lead to some muscles getting overworked and fatigued, causing muscle imbalance and dysfunction. In fact, it shouldn’t be a surprise if a person’s lower back also starts hurting in few months. An early visit to a physiotherapist would solve this problem and help in early diagnosis of faulty patterns.

One set of exercises are easier for person A and difficult for person B. While, another set of exercises might be easier for B and difficult for A. This is because, everybody is different and so are the faulty patterns, which he or she follows. The same must be assessed on a one-on-one basis by a physiotherapist before prescribing exercises.

Consider This:
Are you tired of doing squats, lunges and a variety of other exercises and still not getting those perfect glutes? Do your thighs grow every time you perform these exercises? Your buttock muscles are known as glutes, which form majority of the bulk. When they are weak, their work is usually taken over by the thigh muscles namely upper hamstrings, which form the back of your thighs and quadriceps in front of the thighs. Your physiotherapist knows how to activate the right muscles and then train those, using proper techniques so that you achieve your goals faster and safely.

How Physiotherapists Help

Physiotherapists have the relevant skills to provide individualized exercise programs. They also keep themselves abreast with latest trends like THX, High-Intensity Interval Training (HOT), Functional Training, Pilates, Mat Training, Calisthenics, Kettlebell Exercises, Aerobics, etc. They are the right professionals to consult and get your fitness leve s assessed before starting any new exercise routine.

Physiotherapists are a part of a rehabilitative team and are traditionally thought to work with doctors in the fields of musculoskeletal, neurology, cardiology, paediatrics, geriatrics, gynaecological conditions, palliative care, increasing bone health, coping up with diabetes, sports etc.

However, they also play a critical role in the prevention of certain secondary conditions through early screening of conditions like flat feet, knock knees, stooped posture in early childhood etc. A normal school going kid sitting in front of the TV and unwilling to play with his friends might be suffering from muscle imbalance leading to low energy, poor digestion, metabolism, nutrition or self- esteem.

Consider This:
How many of us know at least one slow and low performing child who is nagged by parents/teachers without finding the reason behind it? Or, at least one highly motivated athlete ending his career due to injury? Research has shown that physical activity reduces anxiety and depression, while improving self-esteem, motivation and motor skills in children.

Similarly, another underestimated role of physiotherapist is in training of young athletes for sports specific training aimed at improving flexibility, Training muscles helps athletes in learning and practicing proper techniques to their aspired perfection. Sports specific training helps in building a fitter athlete population who are less prone to injuries.

Life experiences leave long-lasting impressions which might show up as ailments, physical and mental strains. The knowledge of physiotherapist is based on his/her learning in the fields of human biology, their interaction with other social, psychological and cultural factors, etc, Experience and knowledge along with longer duration of time spent while assessing, exercising or treating clients puts a therapist in the best position to provide a comprehensive treatment.

So, go ahead and kick-start your fitness plan by visiting a physiotherapist. Professional guidance ensures longevity of any and every health/fitness goal.

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