Finding Your Life Balance Through Yoga!

Finding Your Life Balance Through Yoga!

We are in a constant state of juggling all kinds of matters of life. Be it at work or at home or driving through traffic trying to keep our nerves intact when that lousy driver cuts us off. Our minds are mostly scattered. Even while getting that perfect cup of coffee, our brain has already wandered off to make plans for a presentation.

So how can we find that balance in life where everything is as smooth as a river taming every jagged rock as it flows? Well, it’s about becoming calm and self-aware. Great, now that you know what has to be done, let’s focus on the more pressing issue of how. Finding the right balance in life can be exhausting. For one thing, the journey called life is ever-changing, it can be quite rapid at one point and be solemnly mellow at another; achieving balance, like life, keeps changing. There are numerous ways to do it but it needn’t be the same way all the time.

Yoga For Balance?

Yoga is one way to do it. It comes as no surprise that yoga can really help with finding your balance. It’s like that one big rock that can withstand any powerful winds of change. The seemingly complex postures and fluid-like transition from one to another. S requires balance albeit physically. The same is needed in life too. The metaphorical balance in life can be found in these transitions, when one becomes aware of their breath, time, surroundings and themselves. Researchers claimed to have found that people aged 25-40 (working adults) who practise yoga on a regular basis have at least 20x more focus than adults who don’t.

Why Trust Yoga?

The simplest variation of the Surya Namaskar can help you unwind, relax and reflect. Yoga though appears to be physical work, the breaths or the time taken to feel from a pose helps your brain focus on just one thing. This allows the other parts of your brain that is probably concerned with work, family, monetary issues, etc. to take a break. And we all know that resting (or taking a step back) can do absolute wonders.

Being able to focus on one thing at a time helps us get things done faster. If your mind is constantly chattering about the future events or past failures, you’re never going to be 100 per cent in the present. This can cost you dearly and make you a scatterbrain, hence losing balance, not just in your postures but also in life. So give yoga a chance and you’ll be surprised at how good it can be for your life.

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