Kill Belly Fat With These Veggies

Kill Belly Fat With These Veggies

“Including tomatoes in your daily diet will help in decreasing any inflammation in the body, it reduces water retention and also has a fantastic property of reversing leptin resistance”

Fat deposited in the stomach area is actually dangerous and linked to serious health concerns, such as cardiovascular diseases, Type II Diabetes mellitus (caused due to insulin resistance), PCOD and even certain types of cancer, Thus, obesity is a major concern that bothers people all over the world. Nutrition along with exercise plays a major role in trimming the tummy naturally, thus improving health and fitness, without disrupting energy levels. Also, in accordance with the saying, ‘you are what you eat’- eating the right food in the right amount, helps one to stay fit for longer periods.

Belly tat can be measured by a tape, which measures the circumference around your waist. The cutoff limit for men is 40 inches (102 cm) and for women is 35 inches (88 cm). Anything above this, is called as abdominal obesity. There are plenty of foods that help in the reduction of stomach tat, but here are some specific vegetables that play a major role in the process of breaking down all the excess, ugly and unhealthy fat around your tummy.

Tummy Trimming Veggies

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables are an excellent source of folic acid which helps in protein metabolism and prevents all the extra protein from getting stored as fat. Folic acid also increases the overall metabolic rate and thus keeps the body’s insulin levels normal. The vitamins A and C present in leafy vegetables act as antioxidants and thus reduce oxidative stress. The reduction of stress hormones in turn, helps in reducing belly fat.

Starchy Vegetables

Starchy vegetables are the energy giving carbs but loaded with belly shrinking properties as well. Taken in moderate quantities, starchy vegetables can act as the best vegetables to keep you full for longer time, as well as give you the required energy to fulfill your daily activities without any fatigue. The examples of some starchy vegetables are sweet potatoes, peas, corn, pumpkins, plantains, potatoes etc.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, Brussels sprouts etc. are another group of vegetables that help in burning stomach fat, as they are loaded with phytochemicals which inhibit the xenoestrogens (chemicals that retains fat in the stomach area). These veggies are also perfect to help you acquire a flat tummy.


This another superfood that helps in losing belly fat. High in calcium and vitamin celery can be eaten raw taken in the form of juice.


Onions are rich in chromium, a trace mineral that regulates insulin levels and keeps the blood sugar in check. So, don’t forget to include onion salad in your daily diet, if you are worried about a tummy bulge.


This bright colored crunchy and tasty vegetable is a perfect weight loss food. The high amount of water which is around 85-95 per cent in this veggie and the very less fat content in it, is proof enough that carrots are your best weight loss friend.


Potatoes are not that bad. They contain both soluble and insoluble fibre that flushes out the bad cholesterol and thus, indirectly helps in removing the fat around your waist. To get best results, eat potatoes with their skin.

Bottle Gourd

We are all familiar with this wonderful fibre-rich and water-loaded vegetable. Bottle gourd is a super vegetable that helps in losing belly fat. It can be taken either in cooked form or even in a raw juice form.


Tomatoes are the most versatile, delicious, colourful and nutritious vegetable. They are low in calories, high in water content and rich in antioxidants. Including tomatoes in your daily diet will help in decreasing any inflammation in the body, it reduces water retention and also has a fantastic property of reversing leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone which regulates appetite (hunger) and also metabolic rate.


Cucumber is yet another fat reducing veggie and works perfectly well in cutting down belly fat. Being a good source of dietary fibre, high water content, potassium and low sodium content, cucumber acts as a mild diuretic and thus helps in clearing water retention in the body. This is also a very low calorie veggie with no fats and tops the list of dieticians and nutritionists.

Health Tip

All these healthy foods are available easily, but just be wise in selecting them and make sure you don’t ruin their natural qualities by overcooking, over trying or over tossing in creamy sauces and by adding other preservatives and food seasonings, because doing so, will just pile up fat deposits around your stomach.

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