Wear OS has more advanced Google Assistant features winning I/O

Until next Tuesday I/O has no additional features, but Google’s been stably spilling out news this week. Conceivably it’s equipping the boost for next week’s big event, or perhaps the company just had more news than it could pile into a couple of keynotes.

Regardless, the case today brought some new developments to the wearable operating system previously known as Android Wear.

It’s difficult to say how much energy Google is going to put into Wear OS in the coming week, but meanwhile, it’s getting some solid Assistant updates. Of course, the joining of the two offerings is a no brainer.

Siri’s proven a significant driver for Apple Watch, and a workaround for the total small screen issue. Google affixed its own Assistant to Android Wear previous year, and is pursuing to filter the experience with some significant advancement.

Top of the list are smart-suggestions, which provides follow up questions established on context. Ask Google what the weather is up to, and it will provide follow ups for extra days’ forecasts.

Assistant’s wrist worn counterpart can also give voice answers utilizing a pair of connected headphones. The model, which is rolling out over the next week or so will also bring Actions to the wearable OS, meaning much more third-party control. Now users can, address, preheat an LG smart oven from the ease of their own wrist.

It’s good to see Google pursuing to give Wear OS a little love forward of I/O. The operating system did not make much progress as the wearable kind has apparently plateaued for everyone who isn’t Apple at this point. The company will have even more to display on that front next week.


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