About Us

Economy, finance, global business. For those of us who actually know it, these are the fields that define the world we live in. Right from the upcoming startup to promising trade deals between nations – so much happens in the world of commerce. But you can’t know all that happens or perhaps even the most important stuff that happens. There is a gap between information and information-acquisition. This is the gap versionweekly aims to fulfill.

At versionweekly, we keep our eyes on everything that happens in global business. We combine human sharpness and machine tools to skim through an ocean of information, to finally come up with the cream of the milk. The most innovative startups, the most anticipated commerce deal, the most heated trade rivalry or the most interesting thing to hit the market. Whatever we report, it is bound to keep your attention. Through a limited number of stories, you end up knowing everything important that happened in the world of business and commerce.

Our principle stands on an informed audience. versionweekly aims to deliver the required and demanded information to our readers, as and when it should be reported. In the end, the satisfaction of our readers is what makes our efforts worth it.

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