The Basics of Belly Button Tuck

The Basics Of Belly Button Tuck

“The belly button is the only scar which adds beauty to the body. It is a very important landmark in terms of the aesthetics of the abdomen, as a slight change in its shape, size or position can make the belly look odd”

Is the shape or size or position of your belly button bothering you? Is it a reason for you to shy away from wearing a short top, swimsuit, low waist jeans or a saree? Fret not, because there is a way to enhance the look of your belly button with the help of cosmetic surgery. This surgery for enhancing the look of one’s belly button is very popular in the west and plenty of people in India too, are keen on enhancing its beauty. Also, this procedure Is equally in demand by both, males and females alike.

Your belly button may be having loose skin around it because of weight loss or child birth, or there may be a hernia in it. Also, sometimes the shape or position of your navel may change after certain surgery that was done over the abdomen previously. The piercing of the belly button too, can affect the way it looks, because of infection or scarring. Therefore, you may not be happy with the look of their belly button due to the fact that it may be protruding. The specific term for this condition is called an ‘outie’.

The Beauty Of The Navel
The navel/ belly button or umbilicus, is basically a depressed scar left after one’s birth when the umbilical cord which is attached to baby from mother’s womb is cut. It is oval In shape, placed in the midline of abdomen. The navel is the only scar in body which adds beauty to the body and it is a very important landmark in terms of the aesthetics of the abdomen as a slight change in its shape, size or position can make the belly look odd.

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The Belly Button Surgery

This type of umbilical cosmetic surgery is done when the navel is too lax and is protruding out (outie). So, in order to tuck it in, make it depressed and aesthetically pleasing (innie) this surgery is carried out. This procedure can be done alone, if the rest of the abdomen is in good shape or as part of the tummy tuck procedure, if the whole abdomen is very lax and fatty. Accordingly, the anaesthesia used can be either local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia.

A cut is made inside the umbilicus and stitches are put on the underside of the belly button to tuck it in at the desired location. The extra skin is then cut, before the final stitching is done. However, if any hernia if present, it should be repaired first. This procedure can take around 30 minutes to an hour.

Recovery And Post Operative Care

Patients can go home a few hours after the surgery, on the same day and can resume work and daily activities from the next day. If done as part of a tummy tuck, the recovery is a little prolonged.

The stitches can be dissolvable or can be removed after 10 days of the surgery. No special care is required after the surgery, but a few medications for pain and infection control are given to the patient after the surgery. Full recovery is expected in seven to ten days. Patients are advised to avoid piercing the belly button for at least a month after the surgery and to avoid the wearing of tight clothes after surgery, till at least the stitches heal completely.

This procedure is not associated with any major serious complications but there may be bruising, swelling and pain for few days, which settles in a week or so. The scar of the surgery is not visible, though infection can occur.

According to the patients, the results are very satisfying. The changes are seen immediately after surgery and it is more enhanced two-three weeks later, once the swelling subsides completely. Nonetheless, the patient opting for a belly button tuck, should be aware that the results are permanent.

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Other Procedures
Besides the belly button tuck surgery, various other procedures too can be done for the beautification of the belly button. For example, relocating the navel to a proper position, changing its shape, tat reduction around the belly button via liposuction, management of scars on the navel etc.

The Demand
This simple small procedure can make a lot of difference to the looks and the beauty of a person’s abdomen and also increases confidence and self-esteem. This s why, more and more people will be opting for navel aesthetic surgery in the near future.

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