Sneaky Ways To Burn Calories

Sneaky Ways To Burn Calories

In addition to your gym workouts, the other activities you are engaged in, count too. And if staying in shape is always on your mind, be encouraged by the fact that if you add some simple actions to your daily life, it will work wonders for you. These actions are not complex it carried out with a little planning and can serve as some sneaky tactics to help you burn extra calories throughout the day.

Wear Comfy Clothes
Dress yourself comfortably. Fitness experts are of the opinion that when you don’t feel constricted in your outfit, it helps you become more active and mobile throughout the day. Staying comfy in clothing, encourages one to get up and walk around.

Burn Calories While You Commute
You can maximize the burning of calories while commuting. If you are commuting to your workplace by bus, or train try to maximize the movement by getting on the bus one stop, further and oft the bus one stop earlier and walk the rest.

Take The Stairs
This trick works great if you can follow it. Walking up the stairs burns calories more than anything else. So, do this at your workplace. Walk up and down the stairs three to four times, if it is possible for you. In this way, you will reduce a massive amount of unwanted calories.

Set A Timer On Your Desk
It you have a job that requires long hours of sitting, set a timer on your desk. This will remind you to move throughout the day. Get up every hour and go oft for a brisk walk for five minutes. By the end of the day, or after eight hours of working you would have forty minutes of walking and this will help you burn 150 calories.

Exercise Using Your Own Body Weight!

Work Through Lunch
Learn to utilize your lunch time effectively. If you get an hour’s lunch break, don’t spend the entire time eating. Keep half an hour for some physical activity or walking. A mid-work day walk is beneficial for both physical and mental well-being. It your lunch time is thirty minutes, have a healthy quick lunch in fifteen minutes and go for a power walk or up and down the stairs.

Take A Stand
Standing burns more calories compared to sitting. So, try to stand in your workplace whenever you get a chance to do it. Also, try to engage your core while standing and avoid locking of the legs.

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