How to lose butt fat: Hip Reduction Exercises

‘Hip And Happening!’

“The fat in hips prevents type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in women and greatly helps during and after pregnancy”

Latest research suggests that omega 3 fats are stashed in the hip region of women and helps in survival and promotes health. These are also transferred to the baby through feeding and help in better brain development of the child. Yet, excessive fat like any other cellulite becomes unattractive but at the same time, one must realize the several advantages that hip fat carries in women and not think of it as a bad thing alone.

The region below the waist from side to side and until the start of the leg region, is referred to as hips. Hormones are said to be responsible for the fat which accumulates on and around the gluteal and upper thigh region anterior, lateral and posterior and this is the area that is commonly referred to as hips.

Advantages Of Hip Fat
Women’s bodies after the age of seven, begin to assimilate fat at a faster rate as compared to men. The fat mostly gets deposited around the hip region. This fat protects and research suggests that it prevents diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in women and greatly helps during and after pregnancy. Also, for centuries, good hips have been associated with fertility, sexuality and attractiveness.

However, too much fat around the hip is aesthetically unappealing and can be prevented or reduced in the body with an appropriate diet and exercise measures. Some of these are mentioned here.

There Are No Spot Reductions
The common impression many women have is, that a particular spot can be reduced by targeting that area through exercise and diet. Weight and fat loss always occurs all over the body whenever effective means are tried. It never happens around a single area or region. We cannot control which areas tat we can bum first or more. That is genetically predetermined.

Keep A Tab On Calorie Intake
Certain women have a greater tendency to accumulate fat on their hips, making it more difficult to lose it. Thus, the calorie intake should be kept below the calories burnt, through exercise and by forcing the body to use the stored fat for energy.

Opt For Nutritious Meal Plans
To pick low calorie foods which are healthy and nutritious is the trick. Foods that aid in hormonal functioning and those which increase metabolism need to be consumed. A nutritionists help may be enlisted for the same.

Skip The Habit Of Snacking
Avoid snacking when it is not a part of the meal routines to control calorie intake. The meal plan should have two healthy snacks as anymore would be counterproductive.

Keep A Diary For Records
By keeping a record of food portions, girth measurements, calorie intake, exercise programs and other factors that affect fat loss, makes it easy to determine the plan of action.

Biweekly Assessment Helps
This practice determines what move or habit was more effective and helps in taking extra measures to implement more of the same in your fitness routine. As well as it’s a clear indicator of how well one is progressing.

Hip Reduction Exercises

Stand with feet slightly apart. The space between the legs should be more than the shoulder width and the back must be kept straight. Squat pushing the hips backwards and bear the weight on the heels. Do not allow the knees to cross over the toes as you go down, till the thighs are parallel to the floor. Drive through your heels as you come back up maintaining the same posture. Initially, this may be practiced with a chair to train the pelvis and back for getting familiar with the squat posture.

Hip Raises
Take the supine position on a mat, knees bent, feet on the ground. Keep hands by the sides and raise the hip up by pressing the feet down slowly, contracting the abs and glutes until the knee, hip and shoulder joints are in the same line and exhale. Maintaining the form and contraction in the muscles, come down to the starting position and repeat.

Pile Squats
Stand with feet pointing towards the sides. The space between the legs should be a lot more than the shoulder width and the back must be kept straight. squat down pushing the hips back and driving through the heels. Go as low as possible. Come up. Repeat.

Step forward in a stride like position with the front leg a few feet ahead of the back leg. Keep your back straight and toes pointed ahead. Bend your front and back knee at the same time to go low keeping balance by contracting the abs. Come back up maintaining the same posture. Repeat.

Keep in mind these simple points and follow them with discipline. It will be easier to have toned and firm hips while assisting in losing the extra fat over them and the rest of the body. These exercises also lead to healthier and stronger, weight bearing joints in the hips and the rest of the lower body.

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