Does dopamine help you lose weight?

Does dopamine help you lose weight?

Instant gratification is the brain’s ideology. It ¡s on a constant hunt for things which give pleasure, food and sex included. This is the age-old reward pattern that has helped the human species survive. Present day, ‘instant gratification’ comes in little or big coloured packages sealing in many calories and fatty foods that are considerable obstacles on the road to fat loss and fitness.

Dopamine And Weight Loss
Dopamine. a neurotransmitter (it transmits messages between neurons or brain cells) is the gratification chemical. A large amount of dopamine is released in proportion to the stimulus that the brain sees. A burger or carbonated drink appears more exciting and the brain pushes you to consumption when there is no nutritional need for it.

According to research, an imbalance of dopamine in the reward framework makes dieting difficult. The fasting and feasting syndrome of dieting can only be controlled by restoration of dopamine balance in the body.

The brain functions through neurotransmitters. The important ones are serotonin. epinephrine, dopamine and norepinephrine. Epinephrine also known as adrenaline, is a product of the adrenal glands. Its circulation in the brain facilitates the mental performance for dealing with stressful situations. It is also responsible for lipolysis or the breakdown of fat in the body.

However, dopamine tops the list of effect of neurotransmitters on weight loss. Though small in size, the molecules of dopamine can create havoc in the system of reward. Therefore, the release of the pleasure chemical causes intoxication.

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Dopamine And Diet Plan
Researchers have now understood that dopamine’s effect outweighs the influence of other neurotransmitters. The products of weight loss had been undermining the importance of dopamine. And thought the other factors may have mediated for weight loss but they do not have an impact on it.

The development of dopamite is a new creation in the line of MHP products. It is a part of the recent class of aids for weight management called dopaminergics. It is a word used to describe anything involving or dependent on dopamine – the pleasure chemical. The neurotransmitter assists the brain in relaying messages. Dopamite has been created to provide support in the release of dopamine and activating the reward pattern which is responsible for fat burning.

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Weight Loss And The Role Of The Brain (An Ideal Sequence)

  • Brain – Waking and falling asleep with feelings of satisfaction, confidence and motivation contributes to being in charge. Exercising and eating properly becomes a must.
  • Body – Proper eating and regular exercise leads to weight loss and a leaner you, with each passing day.
  • Brain – Witnessing the improved changes in the body and positive feedback from others adds to the feelings of satisfaction, motivation and confidence.
  • Body – The fat loss continues and the dream body starts taking shape. The perfect body you’ve always wanted, starts to get revealed.
  • Brain – This continues…

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More About The Pleasure Chemical
Losing weight through the brain-body cycle is quite rare for us to initiate and sustain. So, the fat loss secret lies in hijacking the reward system in our brain that is controlled by dopamine.

The use of dopamine leaves one feeling blissful and content. The motivation too is high. The consequence is, you choose not to get that high through foods. Thus. overeating and binging takes a back seat and you are on your way to cool abs.

The activation of the pleasure chemical or dopamine due to dopamine usage helps to maintain a balance ¡n the reward system of the brain. Consequently, the tasting and feasting situation is curbed. Therefore, to sum up, it would be sate to say that weight loss does begin in the brain!

Weight Loss Steps With Dopamine

  • ‘Precursors, an ingredient present in dopamine helps produce dopamine in the reward system. These precursors are made of a particular type of amino acid that is the building blocks of protein.
  • For proper functioning of the reward system. a balance is necessary between the synthesis and breakdown of dopamine and the required nutrients for this balance that are called co-factors’ are derived from dopamine.Version Weekly Role Of Dopamine In Weight Loss - 2
  • Neurotransmitter dopamine is a message transmitter between the neurons but its balance depends upon several other neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and serotonin. Dopamine is the source of ingredients that is required to produce neurotransmitters of the brain.
  • Dopamine has Explotech Fast Release Technology – the super disintegrants that speed up the release after ingesting.

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