Simple Tips To Minimize Foot Discomfort During Pregnancy

Simple Tips To Minimize Foot Discomfort During Pregnancy

Though it is one of the most fulfilling experiences, pregnancy comes with its own challenges. While this may be a surprise for some, a planned event for some and a long awaited outcome for others, pregnancy is life-altering for most couples. This period is also marked by some key physiological, psychological and anatomic changes for moms-to-be.

As the pregnancy progresses, your body weight is bound to increase and your feet now carry the weight of two. This added weight puts pressure on your feet and causes varying degrees of discomfort. So if proper care is not administered, your feet may get permanently disfigured.

The changes in your feet occur due to a number of changes that happen in your body during pregnancy, including but not limited to, weight gain and the drastic hormonal changes that take place in your musculoskeletal system.

As your body weight increases during pregnancy, your walking style may also get altered, leading to instability and a fluid build-up in your lower extremities, thus enlarging your feet. Further, hormonal changes in your body loosen up your foot ligaments that affect the arch height and the length of your feet.

However, there isn’t any reason to panic as here are a set of some simple tips that can help reduce discomfort during pregnancy and minimize the chances of altering your feet permanently.

Regular Walks And Low Impact Workout
While pregnancy is the time to pamper yourself and de-stress in every manner possible, it is important that you get enough walks to help with your blood circulation. An evening stroll or some low impact workout is good not just for your physical health but will also help you relax and improve your mood.

Avoid Standing For Long Periods
Standing in a spot for long periods can make the swelling a lot worse and increase discomfort. To avoid this, it is a good idea to take breaks when you cant avoid standing for longer periods. Sit for a while, before you stand again, it is bound to make a lot of difference.

Don’t Sit For Too Long
Much like standing for long hours, it is good to break longer periods of sitting with short strolls too. Try and prop your feet up whenever possible and try keeping them above your heart level to use gravity to your advantage! Also, don’t cross your legs or keep them hanging while sitting.

Stretch Periodically
When sitting for long periods, try and stretch your legs out once in a while. This helps in blood circulation and reduces the swelling. Additionally, stretching, in general, is a good idea whenever you spend a long time in the same position.

Lying On Your Side
It is important for a pregnant woman to lie down in the most comfortable position. But while lying on your back might appeal to you, it does more harm than good in the long run. So lie to your side and preferably on the left side. This will help keep your kidneys humming and make the waste elimination in your body a lot more efficient. This will eventually reduce the swelling and increase your comfort.

Hydrate Yourself Adequately
This one might not be a big surprise. Drink loads and loads of water and keep yourself well hydrated. Drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day flushes out the excess sodium and other toxins in the body. This reduces water retention and also provides relief for your aching feet.

Use Compression Socks Or Support Hose
Support hose or compression socks, regardless of any length are a big help in controlling the swelling through the day. The compression socks help prevent blood clot formation in the lower legs, manage pain associated with varicose veins, clear lactic acid build up, decrease muscle soreness, prevent swelling, and even increase circulation. Therefore, it is advised to put these on, right in the morning before the swelling really begins.

Opt For Comfortable Footwear
You might be tired of donning boring clothes and may want to doll up every once in a while, but don’t compromise on your health in any way. Swap your high heels for comfortable footwear for your evening out. You may also find orthotic shoes which are a big help when it comes to dealing with the pain in your feet and back during pregnancy. While at home, just go for your goofy soft slippers and you are sorted.

Reduce Your Salt Intake
You might be craving salty snacks and might end up reaching for the salt shaker a little too often, when you are pregnant, but keep an eye on the amount of salt you consume. While consuming too much might increase the swelling, cutting out salt intake completely might also pose to be a problem.

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