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Is Your Mouth on Fire?

The burning mouth syndrome is a condition whereby a person may get a feeling of the mouth being on fire. This does not occur because of the consumption of highly spicy food but puts the victim in a terrible condition because a sweltering sensation of having drank or eaten something enormously hot is experienced. It brings a tremor in the tongue, roof of the mouth, gums and the throat. This condition can affect anyone at anytime.

The burning mouth syndrome has the capacity to bother an individual to such an extent that they fall prey to depression, loss of appetite and disturbed sleep It also leads to a scratchy sensation in the throat, anesthetized feeling, astringent taste and soreness. This condition is very predictable amongst menopausal women.

The causes of the burning mouth sensation are multifaceted and have many aspects associated with it. There are also a few most examined possibilities that elicit the sensation:

Dental Hygiene
This is of utmost importance and must always be in check. Some severe dental conditions like oral thrush. dryness and oral ulcers may ignite the burning mouth syndrome. Therefore. it is very imperative to maintain oral hygiene so as to avoid facing a serious condition in the long run. It is also good to brush twice a day.

A high intake of nutritional food keeps one away from such awful conditions. And a lack of vitamins and minerals like iron can definitely escalate the likelihood of experiencing the burning mouth syndrome. Hence. it’s vital to have a good diet, rich in minerals and vitamins,

Health Concerns
People suffering from diabetes and thyroid problems are very susceptible to the mouth burning sensation.

There are many individuals who may have allergies of some food substances and it they consume it without being aware. it may result in the burning mouth sensation.

Hormonal Imbalance
Many people may have extreme hormonal imbalance and women most commonly face menopausal imbalance, which affects the saliva generation in the mouth. This has an immediate effect on the mouth.

Intake Of Certain Medicines And Treatment
Treatments like radiation and chemo therapy too causes the mouth burning sensation. A few medications also cause the same. Hence, it’s very essential to consult a doctor before taking any medications.

Oral Irritants
Mouthwashes sometimes do not suit certain people. Similarly, drinking acidic fluids and smoking also causes the mouth to burn. Oral dentures, loose titling and rough brushing too causes the tissues to tear leading to a burning feeling in the mouth.

The burning mouth syndrome. just like other severe conditions, have a few symptoms, which it noticed at the right time can be treated with a lot more ease. Mentioned below are a few symptoms:

  • A loss of taste is a common symptom that indicates an occurrence of burning mouth syndrome.
  • First, your tongue starts feeling a burning sensation and it gradually appears on your lips, gum, palate, throat and then the entire mouth.
  • A sensation of extreme dryness causing dehydration and then a craving for fluids.
  • Change in taste from normal to bitter and then acidic.

At times, these symptoms may occur. cause distress and vanish as the day progresses. It may also shoot up again and subside without having to treat it. However, it is advisable to see the dentist if one notices anything unnatural in the mouth.

Similarly, some people may have to face the pain for a long period of time. So, in this case, do not let the severity increase, rather consult a dentist at the right time and go in for the related treatment.

Follow the below mentioned points to eradicate the burning mouth syndrome:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Do not consume acidic drinks and alcohol
  • Perk up your diet
  • Boost intake of fluids
  • Keep up with the consumption of vitamins
  • Learn the brushing technique
  • Try different flavour-free or mild toothpaste brands
  • Fix dentures
  • Avoid spicy and hot foods

Everything that occurs suddenly and gives unnecessary trouble must be fixed. Similarly, the burning mouth syndrome is one such condition which gets an individual in trouble.

Although there are many causes for this condition and determining which one is affecting you, is complex, for dentists, it is not. They can help diagnose the problem and provide appropriate guidance to recover from the same. One might also have to get a blood test done lithe condition seems severe.

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