Why You Should Go Natural!

Why You Should Go Natural!

“Amongst many others, some of the biggest drawbacks of food preservatives are dreadful diseases like cancer, trouble in the immune system and hyperactive disorder”

Preservatives And Profits

The only advantage food preservatives have to otter, is to manufacturers, as it increases the shelf life of products and helps gain better profits. While most brands provide this information on the labels, their harmful effects are almost never mentioned.

Food Additives And Preservatives

Food additives are divided into various categories such as preservatives, sweeteners, colouring agents, flavourings, emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners etc. These additives are used to help retain moisture and improve the colour, texture and taste of the food.

Hence, those who eat more of junk food and processed foods find it much difficult to switch to healthier foods, since they are hooked to the taste that preservatives have to offer.

Risks Of Various Diseases

However, with proper knowledge of the risks associated with the constant consumption of processed foods, many can stay healthy and reduce the chances of health risks and various diseases. Because, amongst many others, some of the biggest drawbacks of food preservatives are dreadful diseases like cancer, trouble in the immune system and hyperactive disorder.

Also, food preservatives such as ‘benzoates’ and ‘sulphites’ used in products such as aerated drinks, coladrinks, sausages, orange juice etc. if consumed in large proportions, lead to cancer. Consumption of processed meat also leads to cancer in humans, as it contains a heavy percentage of nitrates.

Oxygen-Free Packaging

Most packaged foods go through some kind of chemical or heat treatment to increase their shelf life, while organic products are free of any such procedures, which naturally brings a shelf life of 21-30 days, depending on the different food categories. This shelf life is achieved naturally with a packaging technology adopted from Italy called Oxygen- Free Packaging, which basically removes the oxygen from inside every pack to avoid any bacterial growth, thus the product remains fresh and good for a longer period.

Choose Nutrition Over Taste

Giving more importance to health rather than monetary profits, means paying more attention to the procedure and attaining the right balance between taste and nutrients. This is the reason why all organic ingredients are sourced directly from the farmers who produce it as per the particular company’s standards in a natural way. These ingredients are screened well, manually before getting accepted for production.

A Growing Concern

Today, there is no such thing as age defines health,’ as preservatives are harming younger kids eat a much faster pace, because a young child’s body is more vulnerable than an adult’s body. Therefore, the disadvantage of food additives is a growing concern and this is why every individual must to be aware of what is being consumed, so that unhealthy processed foods are ditched.

Ayurveda Can Address, Symptoms And The Root Cause Of Ailments

Instant Results And Temporary Relief

Reviving the traditional Indian lifestyle that inculcates Ayuivedic treatment with the objective of balancing the mind, body and soul is the need of the hour, for a wholesome and healthy lifestyle. But the fast paced lifestyle of the 21st century has driven the need for instant results and temporary relief.

In an age where synthetic and man-made products are on the rise, the world needs to be reminded that Mother Nature is brimming with solutions and it is only a matter of choice to be able to benefit from these solutions, since Ayurveda is the perfect vehicle for providing treatment and sound health to all.

Back To Your Roots

Currently, more and more people in India are returning to their roots to seek Ayurvedic treatment, rather than investing in conventional methods and treatments, which only provide shallow, temporary relief. Ayuveda addresses the symptoms and the root cause of illnesses. And one method that can be adopted for following a disease-free lifestyle is the 5000-year-old Sakalya concept in Ayurveda, of changing your lifestyle and reversing diseases in order to be healed for good.

Choosing The Natural Alternative

Take for instance, the common malady of present times, blood pressure problems. A poor lifestyle, irregularity in sleep patterns and meal times, etc. adds to stress in the body. The first option most would go for, is standard medicine which addresses the symptoms, but does not completely cure the issue. However, the natural alternative to this, is to consult an Ayurvedic doctor who will not only prescribe natural medicines, but also suggest diet and exercise that includes yoga, walking etc.

Taking The Right Steps

Identifying the real cause of the symptoms is of utmost importance, because what could appear to be one disease on the surface, may actually be a result of something deeper lurking in the system. Ayurveda can thus help to identify the root cause of the problem.

It is also important to take the right steps to first reduce any habits or foods that aggravates the condition, secondly, taking the right medicine to cure or rid the body of the aggravator and lastly, maintaining a lifestyle that promotes balance and to ensure the disease disappears and illnesses are kept at bay.

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