“Spirulina is rich in many B vitamins and minerals and has active pigments which promote good health”

Spirulina, natural algae is the best protein source, with the presence of rich antioxidants and vitamins for vegetarians. Spirulina procured from fresh water bodies is more nutrient-dense. It is also rich in iron content and is considered to provide the much required B12 vitamin for vegetarians.

Health Properties Of Spirulina

Spirulina is rich in essential fatty acid – gamma linolenic acid, an important nutrient which has high anti- inflammatory properties. As the green algae is high in chlorophyll, it serves well as a detoxifier too.

Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, spirulina is a good alternative for people averse/ allergic to fish. Also, iron in spirulina is found in abundance, hence it is an ideal source of food for anaemia as well.

The CRAC value of spirulina is much higher than blueberries. And CRAC value is usually measured for its antioxidant levels. Spirulina is also rich in many B vitamins and minerals and has active pigments which promote good health. The calcium is spirulina is higher than in milk and thus, it should be included in the diet of children and the elderly. Additionally, the phosphorus content in spirulina can enhance the mineralisation of teeth.

Unique Health Benefits Of Spirulina

Eliminates Candida

Candida can imbalance the micro flora in the digestive system and cause many yeast infections, which further leads to sickness and diseases. Spirulina’s strong anti-inflammatory properties prevents yeast infections and promotes the growth of healthy bacteria. It can also help eliminate candida.

Can Detoxify Heavy Metals

Arsenic, a heavy metal which can toxify the entire body, usually through contaminated water can be detoxified or removed by consuming spirulina extracts regularly.

Prevents Cancer

Spirulina can increase the production of antibodies by producing more cells that improve immunity, thus helping cure many infections and illnesses such as cancer.

Reduces High Cholesterol

Consuming spirulina regularly can help prevent heart diseases and also help reduce high cholesterol levels, The LDL and triglyceride levels are shown to reduce drastically in people consuming spirulina.

How To Consume Spirulina

Spirulina is commercially available in powder and tablet form but always choose non-contaminated algae and preferably organic. A small spoonful of powder can be added straight to water or any juice. It can also be added to smoothies.

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