Sattvic Foods And Spiritual Awakening

Sattvic Foods And Spiritual Awakening

“Foods that are closest to nature, in season and devoid of artificial flavourings, preservatives and chemicals are the best foods for spiritual enlightenment”

There is a growing body of medical evidence that correlates our food choices with how we feel, think and act, Whatever we eat Is food for our soul and a diet that enhances spiritual awakening helps to reduce depression, anxiety and stress and also helps to develop immunity, alertness and efficiency. On the other hand, over indulgence in spiritually negative foods may induce restlessness, lethargy, mood swings and health problems.

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What Is Spiritual Awareness?

Diverse schools of religion and philosophy differ in their definitions and ways of seeking spiritual awareness. While some consider it to be ‘an intimate way of deepening powers of concentration and insight,’ others relate to spiritualism as ‘a medium to connect with God.’

Being spiritual’ may be understood as a set of contemplative practices that include introspection, prayers and meditation and that which elicits empathy towards others, feelings of hope, faith and resiliency and a sense of good health and overall wellness. Also, embarking on a spiritual journey towards a peaceful, happy life may seem less baffling it we complement the ‘set of contemplative practices’ with calming sattvic foods, detoxifying diet plans and healthy eating habits. Here are some strategies that will help to calm your racing thoughts and instil a state of higher consciousness.

“It is important to adopt these dietary suggestions gradually and practice ‘pranayama’ breathing techniques, yoga asanas, meditation, mantra recitation and scripture reading regularly”

Indulge In Mindful Eating
Being more attentive towards the body’s cues of hunger and satiety and ‘eating with intention and attention’ form the crux of a sound mind-body connection. Don’t rush and take time to enjoy the food on your plate; be mindful about what, how and with whom you are eating and savour the colour, crunch, taste and smell of each bite.

Respect Your Body
It is difficult to find peace and spiritual wellbeing if we are not at peace with our self. Let us learn to accept, love and respect our bodies and stop abusing this gift by subjecting it to stimulants, junk food, a sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy habits. Remember, a healthy mind can reside only in a healthy body.

Tame ‘Emotional’ Cravings
We often use foods as outlets to vent negative emotions and boredom. Learning to deal with the real reason of our misery and taking responsibility will help us to get closer to our inner self.

Consume Foods In Their Fresh Natural Forms
The foods that are closest to nature, in season and devoid of artificial flavourings, preservatives and chemicals are the best foods for spiritual enlightenment.

Avoid Overcooked, Stale And Oily Food
These foods are a complete no-no for spiritual aspirants as they drain energy, take longer to digest and adversely impact the ability to concentrate.

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Maintain Discipline In Your Eating Schedule And Timings
Erratic eating schedules, missed meals and fluctuating blood glucose levels makes your efforts at meditation, breathing exercises and prayers difficult to achieve.

Sattvic Foods And Spirituality

Ayurveda divides foods into three distinct types based on their influence on our body. mind and emotions. Sattvic foods are unprocessed, freshly prepared foods that help to nourish the body and calm the mind; Rajasic foods stimulate activity and aggression and include meats, onion, garlic and spicy foods and Tamasic foods such as fermented and overly salty or sweet foods perpetuate laziness and a sluggish temperament.

The foods that are conducive to meditation and yogic practices are light, nutrient-dense and sattvic in nature These kinds of foods do not involve the killing or harming of any animals and are grown in harmony with nature.

  • The best spiritual foods are whole grains (millets, oats, rice and whole wheat) and sprouted beans that keep sugar levels and emotions in control. Also, fresh fruits and vegetable juices such as coriander juice, dudhi or cucumber and mint juices aid in cleansing the body of toxins.
  • Pure ghee, nuts and seeds, natural sugar sources like honey and jaggery and spices such as cinnamon, dove, cumin, fenugreek and dried ginger are also recommended.
  • Reach for a soothing cup of green tea, healing tulsi rosemary herbed drinks or de-stressing chamomile and jasmine flower infused concoctions to reinvigorate brain functions and accentuate focus, memory and attention.
  • Restrict consumption of stimulants like tobacco, alcohol and caffeine, refined and processed foods (maida and white sugar), eggs and meats and onion and garlic to attain improved spiritual awareness.

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