Rice Milk And Its Pros And Cons

Rice Milk And Its Pros And Cons

“Rice milk is very safe for those who are lactose intolerant as well as those who have nuts allergies”

A lot of people are lactose intolerant or vegan and are constantly looking for dairy-free options of food and beverages. Thus, almond milk, soy milk, tofu etc. have become extremely popular choices. One other such alternative option that has recently taken the health world by storm is rice milk.

It is prepared by processing the rice grains and can be bought from stores or even made at home. But before adding something new to your diet, it’s essential to know everything about it. So hero is a list of pros and cons of rice milk to make your decision easier.

Pro: It is a very safe alternative to milk

Rice milk Is hypoallergenic. Since it is not made using nuts or any other allergy inducing ingredients, it is very safe to drink for those who are lactose intolerant as well as those who have nuts allergies. It also has sufficient nutrients to be consumed as a healthy alternative.

Con: It is not suitable for diabetics

Like rice, rice milk is high in starch and a single cupful has more carbohydrates than regular or soy milk. In case of diabetes, rice milk may cause a sudden sugar spike which can cause problems. Hence, it is best to avoid rice milk if you are a diabetic.

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Pro: It does not contain saturated fats or unhealthy cholesterol

When compared to other milk based products or alternatives, rice milk has the least amount of fats and is considered the healthiest option. It contains minimal fats which are unsaturated and hence ills an excellent option for those who have to follow dietary restrictions due to cholesterol problems.

Con: It is low in protein

Dieticians recommend that we need to consume milk daily to get the essential intake of protein. Rice milk only has two grams of protein per cup, as compared to regular or soy milk which has seven to eight grams. Protein helps with the taste and also leads to a feeling of fullness. However, due to its low protein content, rice milk may not lead to a feeling of satiety and appetite control.

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