Marmite: Love It Or Hate It

Marmite: Love It Or Hate It

Marmite is made from yeast extract and has significant health benefits that were known to the public since it was invented by German scientist Justus Von Liebig in the late nineteen century. It has been labelled as a super food because of its sheer nutritional quantity which is staggering. Here we take a look at a few qualities of marmite and find that it is nothing less than astonishing.

Environment Friendly
Marmite is manufactured from yeast and has no negative impact on the environment what so ever, This might not seem like a big deal but in a world where concern is rising about the kind of harm we are doing to our own environment, it is good to consume a food substance that is simply not hurting Nature.

Boosts The Immune And Nervous System
Marmite has a high vitamin B content, therefore, this food can boost the immune system and additionally help boost liver and kidney function. Eating marmite on a regular basis can also help the nervous system function better as well.

Can Bring Out A Chef In You
Not everybody can appreciate the taste of marmite. It tastes tangy and bitter. This is a good thing because marmite can bring out a creative chef in you. It can be used for seasoning in food and can even be used in dishes which are essentially sweet for added flavour. Also, mixing marmite in soups help in additional taste because of marmite’s unique flavour.

Effective For Curing Hangovers
Marmite can work magic on people suffering from hangovers after a night of hard drinking. One of the reasons hangovers are hard to deal with is because alcohol drains essential salts and vitamin B from the system which can lead to headaches and depression. But because marmite has a high content of vitamin B, it refreshes the body with the essential nutrients and helps in curing hangovers.

Can Act As An Insect Repellent
Being manufactured from yeast has more than one benefit. Not only is marmite environment friendly but it also has the added benefit of being a mosquito repellent because of its yeast content. And this is a wonderful superpower for any food substance to have.

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