Facts About The Mango Diet

Facts About The Mango Diet

“The concept of losing weight with mangoes is related to eating the mango skin and seeds of a wild variety of mangoes”

Are you among those mango lovers who wait patiently the year round, to bite into this delightful fruit, during the short summer months? Or do you belong to the category of those who eye mango slices on a friend’s plate but dread to bite into it, for the fear of gaining weight, spiking up blood sugar levels or breaking out with acne? No matter which category you may belong to, summertime is synonymous with mango time and come summer and the lure of mango is simply irresistible!

Mango, which is considered to be the ‘king of fruits’ is a nutritional powerhouse and recently, if the health buzz is to be believed, mango may exhibit certain magical fat burning properties too! So incorporating mangoes in your diet could be beneficial. But before you start jumping with joy, here are a few straight tacts about the much hyped ‘mango diet’ craze that promises to help shed weight.

What Exactly Is The The concept of losing Mango Diet?

Contrary to popular weight loss diets where one can eat any amount of the allowed foods, the mango diet doesn’t equate to eating as many mangoes as you wish. The concept of losing weight with mangoes is related of to eating the mango skin (considered to be rich in fibre) and seeds of a wild variety of mango, known as African bush mango or Irvingia gabonensis (IG).

The consumption of seeds and supplements prepared from the seed extracts (suggested dosage is 150mg of extract powder daily) is claimed to help in improvement in body fat percentage, lipid profile, leptin levels and body weight. Leptin is the hormone that induces the feeling of satiety and helps to deter a dieter from bingeing. The opponents, however believe this to be a fad and marketing gimmick.

5 Health Benefits Of Mangoes

There’s no reason to feel disappointed. It consumed sensibly, as part of a healthy lifestyle, mangoes can help you lose weight and improve your health tool Thus, here are at least five health benefits of the most succulent and delectable fruits in nature.

  1. Calories – A cup of sliced mango contains approximately 110 calories and can feature easily in any weight loss diet.
  2. Vitamin A – Abundant in beta carotene, a mango supplies 15 per cent of the daily requirement of vitamin A, essential for maintaining healthy immunity, vision and skin health.
  3. Vitamin C – A mango a day can provide the body with an entire day’s supply of vitamin C.
  4. FIbre – Rich in fibre, mango helps one to lose weight, by keeping cravings at bay.
  5. MInerals – Calcium, potassium, magnesium. All of these essential minerals are found in plenty in fresh mangoes.

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