Eat Sprouts For Strength Happiness And Health

Eat Sprouts For Strength Happiness And Health

“Sprouts helps in weight loss, promotes beautiful skin, long thick shiny hair, a healthy heart and also protects against cancer”

Sprouts are seeds which are germinated either through a natural or chemical process. They are low in calories and highly nutritious. Hence, they are one of the favourite foods of those who are in a rush to shed a few calories.

Thus, sprouts should be an integral part of each and every daily diet plan as there is no end to the health benefits of this food, right from helping to lose weight to promoting beautiful skin, long thick shiny hair, a healthy heart and also protecting one from the deadly silent killer called cancer. Here are a few other amazing healthy advantages of raw sprouted vegetable grains.


Good For The Heart

Including sprouts in your daily diet helps in regulating blood pressure. It also decreases cholesterol with the help of anti- inflammatory properties and the abundant dietary fibre present in sprouts helps in flushing out excess cholesterol levels. Saponins present in alfalfa sprouts are perfect in lowering the bad cholesterol.

Promotes Shiny And Thick Hair

Being rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, sprouts helps in promoting the growth of hair by destroying the free radicals which makes hair brittle and thin. The rich source of antioxidants in sprouts also helps in preventing premature greying of hair. Additionally, the iron present in sprouts helps in increasing blood supply to the scalp.

Detoxifies The Body

The more clean and pure your inner body is, the more beautiful, energetic and attractive you appear. So, in the process of keeping our inner body clean, it has to be detoxified regularly, by eating pure, fresh fruits and vegetables. Raw forms of sprouts are excellent detoxifiers. A small bowl of raw sprouts washed thoroughly and eaten regularly, helps in flushing out all the unwanted toxins of your body.

Helpful For A Happy Tummy

The plenty of hydrolytic enzymes present in sprouts help in boosting the metabolic process and chemical reactions within the digestive system. Also, the dietary fibre sprouts contain helps in improving digestion by stimulating the gastric juices.

Keeps You Fit And Healthy

The abundant amount of vitamin C present in sprouts helps in maintaining good immunity levels in the body and thus prevents infections and diseases. Vitamin A in the sprouts also plays a role in fighting with the microorganisms, thus keeping your body healthy and fit. Sprouts are also rich in protein that contributes to the cells and organ repair, bone growth and muscle development.

Treats Cold Sores

An important enzyme called lysine present in sprouts helps in preventing and curing cold sores.

Regulates Asthma and Allergies

Broccoli sprouts have a great effect in protecting the airways by self defence mechanism of the immune system of the body. The abundant antioxidant properties of broccoli sprouts helps in fighting with the oxidative stress caused by the allergens. A particular enzyme called sulforaphane is found naturally in broccoli sprouts and this enzyme controls inflammation.

Maintains Strong Bones

Vitamin K present in sprouts helps in preserving calcium, which in turn strengthens the bones. The glucosinolates found in sprouts, helps to regulate anti-inflammatory properties, which in turn reduces the inflammatory conditions of bones like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis etc.

Prevents Cancer

Sprouts are excellent in preventing cancer due to the antioxidant activity of the organic compounds found in them. Su Iforaphane, an organic compound present in broccoli sprouts, inhibits breast cancer stem cells. Many cancers like that of the bladder, prostate, stomach, pancreas, breast, leukemia etc. can be prevented up to some extent, by including sprouts in the daily diet. Being loaded with antioxidants, phytoestrogens, flavonoids, vitamin C, A and many other organic compounds, sprouts fight at the level of DNA to keep your body healthy and protected from unwanted cell damage or cell multiplication, which usually occurs in cancers.

Treats Anaemia

Ample amount of iron in sprouts helps in coping with anaemia. So, women with iron deficiency should consume it often. Sprouts can also relieve you from the symptoms of menopause and excessive menstruation too as vitamin K and phytoestrogens present in alfalfa sprouts, helps in minimizing the bleeding frequency.


Sprouts are mainly eaten raw as cooking it reduces its nutritive value. However you should be a little cautious while eating sprouts, because raw sprouts might be loaded with bacteria which multiplies vigorously, if It Is not cleaned properly, before eating. There are also known attacks of E.coli infections and salmonella infections when sprouts are eaten without being washed thoroughly. Also, those allergic to sprouts should avoid eating it.

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