Dry Fruits For Health

Dry Fruits For Health

Dry fruits are known to have multiple health benefits that can help one live a healthy life. Originally mentioned in Mesopotamian tablets that date back to 1700 BC, the health boost dry fruits can have on the body have long been understood by humanity. The idea behind dry fruits being healthy is simply because the dehydration of fruits can lead to the nutrients inside them becoming much more concentrated and this provides the body with a much healthier dose of nutrients as opposed to the consumption of normal fruits. Given here are some popular dry fruits along with their benefits.

Filled with essential fatty acids, the health benefits of almonds are I well-known. The abundant fibre and protein content in this nut make it attractive for consumption as well. Added to this is the fact that crushed almonds make an exceptional face pack that is very good for the skin.

Cashew Nut
What’s ironic about cashew nuts is that although they contain a lot of fat but eating these In moderation can actually help one lose weight. Not only are cashew nuts rich in vitamin E which help in anti-ageing, the oil too made from this dry fruit is used in many cosmetic items that help prevent skin damage.

These are rather rich in antioxidants and help in fighting the free radicals produced by the human body. And this is very important as many of these tree radicals are cancer causing agents. Pistachios also have demulcent properties that can simply help in smoothening the skin and giving it great texture.

Walnuts contain so much omega 3 acid and linoleic acids that they can essentially nourish dry skin, improve skin texture and smooth out wrinkles. Walnuts are also full of rare antioxidants that are not available in many other fruits or commercial food substances. These nuts are also known to contain chemically induced liver damage that arises from excessive alcoholism.

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