Your Name Can Impact Your Success

Your Name Can Impact Your Success

According to the study of graphology, to be successful in business and personal lite, the letters used to form a name, play an important role. The letters require fair compatibility with one another and if the letters of the name are not balanced or are mismatched, it may lead to imbalance in both business and personal life.

“The right name takes a business to greater heights while an unbalanced name mars it”

Naming a child is an important endeavour. After all, he/she has to live with it all their life and naming them whatever the parent likes ¡s not right. The name decided for a child may have a positive or negative impact on him/her in the future, Therefore, any fancy name may cost a baby severely.

In the same way for a business, whether it is a sole trader, a partnership business or a MNC, naming the enterprise is very important for its success. The right name takes a business to greater heights while an unbalanced name mars it. In a rush to start your new business or expand a current one, take time to consider some simple rules.

You put in a lot of effort by using your own creativity and seeking advice to come up with a name that will give you success. Like the foundation of a building, coming up with the right name will help the company or an individual to soar to new heights.

There are ten golden rules to be considered while choosing a name for a baby or a business:

  • Letters consisting of vowels and consonants should be equally divided while framing the name of a person or business.
    For example, in the name Modi, there are two vowels and two consonants, thus they are equally divided. In Google there are three vowels and three consonants while in Facebook there are tour vowels and four consonants.
  • If any consonant letter is repeated any number of times, it should be taken as a single count.
    For example, the word apple has three consonants and two vowels but ‘p’ is repeated, so p should be considered only one time. That means there are only two consonants ‘p’ and ‘I’ and two vowels.
    Note: This repetition is applicable only for consonants and not for vowels.
  • ‘B’, ‘G’, ‘S’ and ‘T’ have zero value while framing a name. It they are present in any name, they should be ignored as they don’t have counting value.
  • Success rate increases if the name is dominated by more vowels than consonants.
  • Don’t use a generic name as it doesn’t mean anything.
  • Try not to use the letter ‘c’ at the end of the name.
  • Never repeat the letters ‘Q’ ‘W’ ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ more than twice in a name.
  • It you would like to use numericals in the name, pick numbers equal to the letters that are used. In case you want to use numbers only, better chose a number and repeat it number of times.
    For example, 555 or it you would like to use multi numbers, use each number equal number of times, for example 3838 for better results. If you would like to use multi numbers pick a number from ‘O’ to ‘4’ (lower segment) and another number from 5’ to ‘9’ (upper segment).
  • When you choose a telephone number, vehicle number, or any other number, look for a balanced number which is equally divided by the numerals of lower and upper segments. Or you can choose a number where a few numerals are used and most of the numerals are repeated.
  • Strictly follow all the above nine rules.

“The name decided for a child may have a positive or negative impact on him/her in the future”

Necessary corrections can be made at any time if a name is found imbalanced by a professional graphologist. Graphoiogists design the name and signature of a person or business as per graphology guidelines to provide sample success in life or businesses.

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