Why Self-Esteem Matters

Why Self-Esteem Matters

Whether it’s personal professional or social, high self-esteem is extremely important in every aspect of life. Yet, many struggle to find it. Not only is your DNA and fingerprints different from everyone else, your mind, your looks, your way of thinking and your approach towards life is unique too’ Many with low self-esteem are not expressive. In other words, they find their beliefs, opinions and thoughts insignificant and try to conceal or suppress them. So here are a few simple ways to help you develop good self- esteem and experience a profound shift in your life.

Know That You Are Unique

Accept the fact that you are unique and special. Every human being is unique and born with some extraordinary traits; you just need to recognize those special gifts you are blessed with. However, to recognize these gifts, you will have to accept the fact that you are unique and cannot be compared with anyone else in the world, because there is no one else in the world who is quite like you.

Wherever you cast your glance, you will find diversity which attests to the fact that your belief, thinking process and perception towards life also differs. So, if nature has made you so unique and special, shouldn’t you accept this uniqueness and embrace it as much as you can? Love yourself, because you are unique. When you respect yourself and show the world your true self, the world will love you. And if they don’t, just let it be because everyone has their own opinions and choices.

Consider Yourself To Be Equally Significant

Many people fail to realize that their thoughts and opinions can bring about profound changes in a situation or sometimes even in someone’s life. Hence it is imperative to do away with toxic thoughts and beliefs and air your views and voice your opinion, which may not provide a solution all the time, but can sometimes create a difference in somebody’s life or circumstances. And the best way to enhance your self-esteem is to consider yourself to be equally significant as others and love yourself for the way you are.

Learn From Failures

Generally, people with low self-esteem beat themselves up when they make a mistake or an error of judgment. A feeling of ‘being good for nothing’ takes over, because they either failed in something, lost a job or may have been dumped in a relationship. But it should be realised, that these events play a major role in life and occurs to bring out your hidden and true personality, to teach you lessons and to help you grow in life.

So how you perceive these failures and you react to them, is what reveals your true character. Hence, if you are likely to encounter such agonies in life, always remind yourself that it’s just a tiny particle of the multiple components and layers that make up the real you.

A positive outlook towards life and confidence in yourself and your abilities will help you sail through all the problems of life and you will learn how to soldier on and live every day with unfathomable vigour and vitality.

Advantages Of High Self-Esteem

  • Life will be lighter, simpler and more meaningful
  • You will experience a deeper sense of stability
  • Less self-criticism
  • More happening and nurturing relationships
  • A happier person

Tips To Raise Self-Esteem

  • Fire your internal critic
  • Adopt healthy habits to stay motivated
  • Practice a little self- appreciation each day
  • Pen down the three traits or things you like about yourself every evening
  • Do what Is right and not what is easy
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes and skip the perfectionism
  • Learn from failures, mistakes and setbacks and deal with it more positively
  • Treat others with kindness
  • Experiment with new stuff or things
  • Don’t give into the comparison bully
  • Spend quality time with people who help you grow and avoid the negative kind, who drain you of your energy
  • Remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing

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