Why Blessings Are A Powerful Instrument To Attain Divine Mental Peace

Why Blessings Are A Powerful Instrument To Attain Divine Mental Peace

“The transmission of blessings is so powerful, that its effect may be felt and realised instantly or within a very short span of time”

Giving blessings and taking blessings is an art that requires humbleness, humanity, kindness and dedication towards delivering the expected results or maintaining respectful temperaments in society. Understanding how this process starts, proceeds and completes is a subject that needs a systematic approach which is narrated in almost all occult sciences.

Aura Science, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Lama- Fera, Vastu and other many sciences work on the principles of emission of human vibrations, their travelling and impact on the object. It is a part of routine etiquettes or manners to utter the words, ‘God bless you,’ or ‘my blessings are always with you,’ etc. But here’s how these important meaningful phrases transform into strong positivity.

Blessings Go Linear

According to Physics, almost all transmissions require a medium. It may be air, dust particles, water or other explored mediums. However, in the process of blessings only transmitters and receivers are required. The transmission does not need any medium. It may appear mysterious to a common person, but this process is very easy to understand.

Here, the mind power is used to tackle the intensity, quantum and time frame of the transmission of blessings. This transit is so powerful, that its effect may be felt and realised instantly or within a very short span of time.

Surprisingly the effect of true blessings is long lasting. This is why we come across many people who have faith in the blessings of their elders, guides, friends or relatives.

Sometimes blessings are physically given but most of the times it is in auto mode. Therefore, we ought to follow the humbleness and obedience guidelines laid down by our seniors and superiors. Whenever we feed animals, birds and other creatures, we are automatically blessed.

Helping old people is a good virtue that yields real blessings. And though there is no harm in supporting old age homes, if we realise the value of blessings, there will hardly be any need of such formal shelters.

Learning To Bless And Not Curse

At times, we may be confused between positive blessings and negative blessings. Negative blessings are known as curses, which it transmitted to an undeserving object, may bounce back and hit the transmitter negatively. Hence, never vent out anything negative even for an enemy as we may win the heart of hatred easily with love – all t needs is some effort but it costs nothing. Hence, it is the great demand of time that we learn to bless and teach this art to others.

Practice The Exchange Of Blessings

Practice giving blessings and taking blessings – bless your spouse wholeheartedly and find the positive vibes in the family climate. It is really unbelievable! Bless your children and win their respect. Bless your surroundings and receive their echoed positive vibrations. Appreciate nature and feel its charm. Smile and remove wrinkles and blemishes from your face. Bless your home to make it a, ‘home sweet home’- bless your car and it shall bless you too. Bless strangers in the city market or grocery store and get instant blessings!

Be Courteous In Life

There is absolutely no harm in using courteous words like thanks,’ sorry,’ ‘may I help you,’ ‘I am obliged’ etc. Just try to make these words a part of your routine and feel that no one is bad in the world. You may then realise that your language, expressions and words have been making others bad. Lite may become charming if you learn to bless everyone and everything that plays any role in your life.

Selfless Blessings Are Miraculous

Whenever you are in distress, some complexity of life, n trouble or finding it difficult to take a decision, wait a moment remember God and your elders. Look up to them to shower blessings on you and you will instantly see that solutions are available. Selfless blessings generate from the depth of the heart and hence they are miraculous. So, learn to bless your emotions and feel well-guided and self controlled, Make blessings a powerful instrument to attain divine mental peace.

A Strong Natural Healer

Blessings are a very short prayer for others and we know that prayer is always positive, It you suffer from pain in any part of your body, put your hand on that point and start blessing it. You may just feel the reduction in pain. This way, blessings are a strong natural healer too. Also, bless your future targets and look at them coming true, because the power of blessings is unmatched!

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