Trendy Ideas To Revamp Your Study Room

Trendy Ideas To Revamp Your Study Room

“The quaint place where you spend your after office hours, can be the best site to have a private den”

A getaway from the hustle and bustle of deadlines and social responsibility, becomes quite important at times, as everyone deserves a break from their monotonous, stressful work and life. This is reason why you go oft to those beautiful and serene locations for a short holiday. However, it is surely not possible to go on a vacation every other week, So, amidst this longing, the best option is to build your own sanctuary in your home to create that personal space whenever you want it.

It need not be anything lavish (while the sky is the limit for this one) or something that requires high maintenance, after all, you want it as a place to relax and don’t want to bother with looking after the things you have kept there and the best place to have a cosy nook to unwind in your home is the study room. This quaint place where you spend your after office hours, can be the best site to have a private den. So here are some cool ideas to mark it as your territory.

Divide And Redo

One of the easiest way of upgrading the look of your study room to make it your own, is to divide different components of the room and redo them one at a time. This will save you time and give you a chance to come up with ideas that can be worked upon for each part of the room. Merely changing curtains or adding a new wall art can also give you the result you are looking for. Nevertheless, an important point to consider is that you will be using this room for your office work too. So, keeping the theme formal at a certain area can do the trick. For those who work from home, this place becomes all the more important and should be planned accordingly.

Create A Memory Corner

The best way to design your den is to create a place that screams ‘you’ from every corner. Over the years you surely must have collected things and souvenirs that define you. Place these strategically in the room to create a memory corner. But in case you do not have as many things as you like, this can be a very good reason to get hold of things that you always wanted to own.

Add Some Drama

If you haven’t outgrown gaming stations, build a corner that can host your favourite gaming station with enough space to walk around for the guests, you will be inviting in your den. if it looks too child-like after placed, balance it out with things that ooze classiness of your professional life – sculptures for those empty corners, vases for table tops to add some freshness with flowers or dried leaves, leather items such as a tissue paper holder, pen stand, etc, for your study table, books with extraordinary bookends to keep the drama alive; there are a lot many things that can kick in an animated and cheery look that defines ‘you.’

Include Things From All Over The World

With distances turning into merely a number, we now have the option to bring home things from all over the world. We don’t even have to look out for such things now. There are many lifestyle and home decor stores that offer the latest trends around the world in a plate. With easy to browse online stores and quick delivery, these will become your best friends in revamping your study room. From metallic globes for your study table to using the latest materials for the upholstery to lights that can change your mood instantly or simple yet elegant votives, you name it and you will find it at these stores.

Add A Personal Touch

If you are those lucky ones with huge study rooms, you can choose an area for those leisure filled ‘me’ time moments. It can be an area in front of a fireplace or by the window. You can also create a day-bed in these corners for times when all you want is a book and a comfortable space to rest. Simply, place lots of cushions on the carpet to get the look and feel. A coffee-table or a shelf near this with well-matched platters and jars to keep your favourite snacks in, will be the cherry on the cake!

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