The Importance of Equalilty In Relationships

The Importance of Equalilty In Relationships

Most of us have been living our lives without reflecting enough upon the basic question of ‘why we are here in this world?’ We are all created on Earth to learn various lessons. Relationships are one of the ways in which our soul learns and grows through our experiences in the world.

To evolve from a lower or primitive nature to a higher state of consciousness, the main quality our soul needs to develop is ‘Love’. Love is the unconditional compassion and kindness through which we treat each other as equals. We all have emerged from the same ‘One Source’ through which this entire universe is created. We all have been ‘One’ in the beginning of time and are here to remember our oneness so that we can return to the Source of ‘all there is’. If we treat others differently from the way we treat ourselves and our loved ones, we have not yet learnt this primary lesson of ‘love’ which is the reason we are here on Earth.

Imagine a very highly developed civilization on some planet or some other ‘heavenly realm’, where all people were happy and peaceful. Will it be possible to imagine anyone hurting or harming each other in such a civilisation? Definitely not! Instead, people would meditate and develop their innate gifts of loving kindness so that they treat themselves as well as others with equal love and respect.

As a result, such a society will have less stress, crime or violence because we will have faith and trust in each other. Such an ‘imaginary’ society might sound idealistic to most people, yet at our own individual levels we could make a small attempt in daily life to breathe into our heart and ask ourself, ‘Am I loving myself and others equally and unconditionally in this situation?’

A balance of masculine and feminine through an equal respect for both genders is the hallmark of a progressive civilization. Similarly relating with our children as well as elders with equal love and respect is necessary, else we would end up abusing or neglecting the rights of our children or parents if we were biased in our thinking or belief. In our own little way every day we can improve every relationship through equal love and kindness to all concerned.

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