The Human Touch In Technology

The Human Touch In Technology

“Technology was and is being invented, used, reinforced and very importantly, improvised by human beings for our own benefit”

Thinkers and believers of human behaviour and psychology have time and again emphasized the absolute need and importance of the human touch. Imagining lite without physical and emotional contact in various relationships is unthinkable, though the gravity of contact may vary across different kinds of bonding. At the same time, there are events in everyday life that need a boost, just to keep moving forward. And what better way to achieve this than to mix and match touch with technology? Technology was and is being invented, used, reinforced and very importantly, improvised by human beings for our own benefit.

The Power Of ‘Touch’
Whatsapp, Facebook and the other social networking sites have made life so much easier. These sites make it convenient for us to stay in touch’ with all our near and dear ones – the best possible platforms to put thoughts in action through a mediator called ‘touch.’ A much techno savvy smartphone in a pocket or handbag can be a matter of pride, but the same In the hand and the ‘touch brings out so many different feelings within us. Believe it or not, Darwin’s theory of ‘survival of the fittest’ reaches new heights with our fingers constantly in touch’ with the mode of technology that we hold in our hands.

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Activity-Based Sense
The five senses and its importance is a part of our basic education in science. It’s often been concluded that for every one of us, all the five senses audition, vision, taste, smell and touch or tactile are active but a couple of them may be more prominent depending on an individual’s requirement, habit and comfort. And off late, kinaesthetic sense or activity-based sense in which body movements are incorporated, again indicates towards the need of humane input in various innovations. All these senses work together and the end result is stunning, as it brings out the best usage of technology in understanding, expressing and interacting with the world all around.

Human Touch Remains The Positive Source
The ‘touch technology as we would normally call it, can be metered or surplus depending on our individual ways and wants. We might be completely in love with technology and look forward to play and explore the new gadgets hitting the market, but all these innovations emerge out of a very powerful and thinking human brain. Innovations are invented by us for us, so the evidence of human touch is all prevalent. Touch combined with technology is a feel-good factor; motivator that reinforces our cognitive processes. Technology is a necessity but human touch remains the positive source of all necessities. A robotic life seems a little out of order, but a mechanical life with doses of our own power of being human, brings some comfort and bolsters a feel-good factor.

Human indulgence in technology is a motivator that reinforces and energises emotional thinking. Remember, humans are very superior and machines need us to be invented and used. There could be a few negative aspects as well, but as of now let’s enjoy the rich benefits of our own thoughtful innovations combined with intelligence and emotions. After all, multiple intelligence is the order of the day.

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