Google pixel 2 XL and iPhone X are phones from LG and Apple respectively. These two phones have OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays of premium quality. Let’s see which OLED display will win.

Google pixel 2 XL display is manufactured by LG display a fresher to enter into the business of smartphone display under the monopolization of Samsung. Apple is utilizing Samsung OLED for the iPhone X Super Retina Display.

OLED display has superior qualities when compared to LCD. The colors in these displays will have more different view than LCD.

Pixel 2 Xl is featured with Android 8.0 Oreo and the iPhone X comes with iOS 11. Both devices came with an OLED display with the Pixel featuring a P-OLED display. Both companies have also excavated the headphone jack on each handset.

The color reproduction in both the phones is different. Pixel 2 XL shows less color saturation than iPhone X because iphone X doesn’t cover all of the saturation stops like Samsung’s phones and Pixel 2 XL colors do not pop up than the iPhone X. But it is not an over saturated pop. It is referred as a case of seeing deeper hues.

What makes the iPhone X the Best Smartphone Display is the impressive Precision Display Calibration Apple developed, which transforms the OLED hardware into a superbly accurate, high performance, and gorgeous display, with close to Text Book Perfect Calibration and Performance!! – Raymond Soneira, president DisplayMate Technologies, iPhone X OLED Display Technology Shoot-Out.

The blue shade is seen in Pixel 2 XL, which is hopefully the most consistent, stark difference between the two phones. Looking at the image of the respective Pixel 2 XL and iPhone X boxes a definite blue bias is seen on the Google phone.

Apple commends a “wide color display”, also known as the industry-benchmark P3 color gamut, and results display a brightness of around 625 nits. Google also brags “100% of DCI-P3 coverage” but reports to have lower brightness when compared to nits for the Pixel.

When it comes to reality and winner of OLED display competition, eventhough google is going to achieve the realism with LG OLED display, Google probably went too far in the invention of the most realistic color reproduction. While having a wide usage of both smartphone displays, blue bias is ignored on google phone.

Finally iPhone X is the winner because it hits the best balance between realism and saturated colors.


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