Google Home Mini

Smart home speakers are becoming increasingly popular these days. Amazon recently announced that they managed to sell over millions of Echo units. One of the primary features that the smart-home speaker goes on to function upon is the Alexa digital voice assistant.

Companies like Amazon and Google works on improving their respective their virtual assistants – Alexa and Google Home. It is easier for later generations to adapt to such a highly-advanced technology. However, when it comes to the older generation, it might definitely come across as a surprise for them.

According to a report published by Fortune, YouTube user Ben Actis went on to post a video, which he recorded of his 85-year-old grandmother. In the video, the grandmother can be seen interacting with the latest version of Google Home Mini. She can be seen being taught how to use the Google Home device.

Watch- Grandma reacts to Google Mini Home

At first, she seems extremely confused. She can be seen being encouraged to say the phrase, “Ok, Google,” to activate the smart-home speaker. However, she ends up saying, “Ok, Goo, Goo,” instead of “Ok, Google.” She was then encouraged to ask the device what the weather for the next week was. When the Google Assistant responded to her, she was visibly surprised by it.

Throughout the video, she can be seen declaring how the device works. She describes the process as being a total mystery but can also be seen as getting visibly scared as well. The one thing that isn’t a total mystery is just how popular smart home speakers are becoming each day.

As mentioned previously, Amazon earlier this year, reported record sales for its smart assistant Alexa for the holiday season. The Google Home Mini competitor, the Echo Dot, was Amazon’s highest-selling device across all manufacturers and all categories this holiday season. As far as the grandmother is concerned, there is no word on what the future with her relationship and Google Home lies.


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