PS4 pro update will make 4K games more organized and look finer on old TVs

Sony announced some features in the forthcoming PlayStation 4 update that involve tools for play time management, custom wallpapers, and library improvements.

The PlayStation system software 5.50 beta also have a supersampling mode on the PS4 Pro that Sony says will provide players with HDTVs (1080p or less) to “enjoy a advanced visual experience when playing some PS4 games.” The beta system software is moving out to those who agreed and were chose for the program.

These changes impact a large group of areas on the system. The Library has now been segregated into two varied areas: One thing is lets you see everything purchased on your account, as normal, on the other side it only displays what’s presently installed on the comfort. There’s also a part where you can see types games you only “own” through PlayStation Plus. When subscription has timed out, games on the system will be shown with a lock icon on top of the PS Plus logo. This is meant to let you know you can re-subscribe to gain access to the game in question. A new alternative will permit you to hide “certain” items from the Purchased list, such as demos, trials, and betas.

Secondary to the supersampling mode, Sony says some games will provide at a higher resolution, which will then be reduced to match the HDTV. The feature permits players to get an image clarity which enhances even if they don’t have a 4K TV. Microsoft has also a supersampling feature for its Xbox One X.

There are many other new features that every PlayStation user will take an advantage from as well. Once the software goes live for everyone, user will be finally able to alter PS4 wallpaper to an image from a USB stick, and do the same to personalize a tournament or Team page.

There are a few other standard of life additions, like better organization for the game library and child play-time limits in the “Keiji” update, also. Xbox One appended play limits last year with the Creators Update, and the One X hardware has been supersampling games since last November. Apart from few games like Horizon: Zero Dawn, PS4 Pro owners which does not have a 4K TV on the other hand, have been abandoned in a stumble in terms of supersampling since the system was released in late 2016. Reset Era has a list of games that allegedly support supersampling.

Meanwhile many of these features are pretty assuring, till now Sony hasn’t demonstrated when the new 5.50 system software will be given a wider release.


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