Phones won’t have removable batteries anymore- Report

The smartphone market is changing rapidly. Mobile manufacturers such as Apple and Google are bringing about newer changes to the table each year. At the same time, there are many problems that the firms are facing too, due to several certain types of decisions made by them.

Take, for example, Apple’s recent battery fiasco. The Cupertino technology giant finally admitted that they did a poor job communicating with customers about how they slowed the iPhone device’s performance down to elongate the batteries. Most users tend to overlook such troubles but there are users who find it extremely difficult to trust the brand again.

In order to fix the problem, Apple offered two solutions to the matter – a $29 battery replacement for applicable iPhone devices and future software updates to improve the health of the battery. According to a report published by Mashable, the problems experienced by Samsung and Apple are a jarring example of design aesthetics going wrong.

Since everything is becoming virtual and mobile, the idea of a removable battery does not fit the picture anymore. The age of removable batteries was back between 1990 and 2000. “The battery’s always been sealed inside of the iPhone, and the only way to replace it has been to 1) bring it to Apple for servicing or 2) buy your own toolset and bust open the iPhone yourself (and void the warranty in the process),” the Mashable report reads.

As far as Android smartphones are concerned, the companies claimed that the removable battery feature is the only one that distinguishes them from Apple’s products. This scenario took place a few year back. However, that has gone on to change. The Android landscape looks very different from what it used to be before. Even Samsung went on to ditch the concept of removable batteries concept in its flagship smartphones – Galaxy S and Note back in 2014. Following which, LG also went on to adopt the same. Soon, the idea of removable batteries will totally be eliminated.


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