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An app developer on Google Play Store can earn from various methods as he can gain by charging a subscription for his app, he can also charge a one-time payment. But the one who is providing free apps has only a single way to earn, i.e., advertisements. Google has now updated its Ads and Monetisation policies in favour of both developers and the users of applications.

Google is now trying to maintain a good user interface (UI) by inhibiting weird ads which come in between apps irrespective of the time and place where you are standing in the middle. Google has now updated its policies to ban apps which serves weird and unwilling ads without any option to move back.

The applications which serve lock screen ads will not be available anymore on Google Play Store unless it is a launcher or lock screen app which doesn’t have any other option. The company gave an official statement over this issue of lock screen ads saying “Ads must only be displayed within the app serving them.”

A few days back Google Play Store delisted the excellent browsing app UC Browser for not following the Ads and Monetization guidelines of the Play Store, as confirmed by a person who claims to be working in UC Web.

Google will also ban apps which simulate the user interface of another app using notification window and other things. Even the company warns all the developers not to show ads which makes false claims and promises. Google also asked developers to showcase a specific set of an advertisement for a specific age group of people. The company also updates the policies that they will be suspending the apps which prompts a full-screen ad which disables all following options and intends the user to click on the ad to get rid of that sticky ad. Google Policies says “If an app uses full-screen advertisements to interfere with normal use, they must be easily dismissible without penalty.”


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