Encrypted Signal App Went Offline for Some Of Its Users

If there is a weak network while using social network, then there is no need to worry. Many users tweeted that their frequently used messaging app stopped services for them. Users on the mobile app and desktop services aren’t sure how to communicate securely with private messaging down on Signal.

Some users were unable to access Signal’s servers since around 11AM PT, others have only seen delays in sending and receiving messages.

Signal experienced outrages on Friday which is the encrypted messaging tool from Open Whisper Systems favored by Edward Snowden.

“Signal is back after a brief service interruption,” Open Whisper Systems wrote in a tweet at 12:21 PM PT. “We appreciate your patience as we added more capacity to resolve connection errors.”

The company said that it is aware of the outrages in North America and Europe in an email.

“We suspect there may be some DDoS attempts, although it is still too early to tell.” – The company said in a public explanation. It is evident that suspicious activity with IP addresses in Belarus and Ukraine might be the source of the problem.

In a situation regarding this issue on mobile one Signal message sent, went through after 15 minutes, but the other person who replied it to didn’t have any trouble. In this process, Signal on desktop completely stopped working, interrupting sent messages in what’s usually a lively group thread.

Open Whisper Systems said it was working on this issue with its engineers and developers to get the servers back online.

Signal is back after a brief service interruption. We appreciate your patience as we added more capacity to resolve connection errors. – Open Whisper Systems treated.


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