EEVO, a VR startup raising $1.3M

EEVO, startup is powering VR apps for BBC and others raising $1.3M.

In the words of co-founder and CEO Alejandro Dinsmore, the goal of EEVO is democratizing the creation and delivery of immersive experiences.

In other terms the Brooklyn startup aims to help publishers and other content creators build virtual reality experiences for smartphones without doing a big investment. However to use EEVO’s “Composer,” they only need 360-degree video and other media assets.

EEVO participated in Techstars NYC and recently closed another $1.3 million in investing from Eagle Advisors, FundersClub, 37 Angels and others. EEVO first raised $1 million in angel funding in 2015.

EEVO also sponsored the technology behind the new Taster smartphone app from the BBC, which provides virtual reality experiences tied to BBC shows like Planet Earth II.

BBC Senior Product Manager David Johnston stated that The technology EEVO supply for our BBC Taster VR app for iPhone and Android makes creating interactive 360 video a lot easier than it has been before.

The Composer window is simple enough that a content producer can use it but has enough complexity that we can try exciting new formats for the medium.

Publishers like the BBC are less focused on attracting a huge audience for their VR initiatives, and more on seeing how people respond as they experiment. –Dinsmore stated.

It makes less sense to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single project. Instead, publishers need to find alternatives that allow them to create VR content fast and consistently.
One of the interesting shifts that we see in the ecosystem is the alignment between expectations and reality is much closer- Dinsmore said.

“People are looking to build an internal capability around creating compelling experiences in VR and AR, rather than trying to get 1 million downloads of a VR app.”


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