Strategies To Tackle An Inferiority Complex

Strategies To Tackle An Inferiority Complex

Despite every one of us having our own strengths, capabilities, and weaknesses, we can sometimes feel inferior to others. An inferiority complex arises when we compare ourselves unfavourably to others. However, the good news is that it’s quite easy to reverse this feeling and to also overcome the habit of putting yourself down. Here’s how!

Think And Say Positive Things
Low self-esteem that is a part of an inferiority complex is affected by the words we speak to ourselves. So try to be your best friend by encouraging yourself with some self- talk. Monitor the words you speak to yourself. The more positive you speak about yourself the more you beat low self-esteem!

Realize That Others Don’t Think You Are Inferior
Inferiority breeds from your perception that others think little of you. Never let this thinking bother you and try staying positive. Feel that everyone is busy with their own concerns and people don’t have time to think of your shortcomings.

Ask Your Buddy To Judge You
You many not feel comfortable judging yourself or may not have a right opinion about yourself. But your best friend does. So, have your buddy list out your strengths.

Know That Your Accomplishments Are Worthy
Seek pleasure in your everyday accomplishments. Many of them may be small but never forget to pat yourself on the back for every small thing you do well, like getting to work on time or remembering your friend’s birthday. Tell yourself that all these are worthy accomplishments.

Don’t Strive To Be Someone Else
You are unique with your own strengths and capabilities. An inferior complex starts from wanting to be like others. You need to be true to yourself, by not demoralizing yourself. Try to shine through with your genuine personality. Know that the instant you try to be someone else, you subconsciously tell yourself that you are not good enough!

You may experience feelings of inferiority and at times, it might be accurate. However, you are not inferior to any other in a way that limits your life. So focus more on your strengths and don’t let your imagination get the better of you!

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