Significance and Meaning of Christmas Star

When Christmas is named .. Everyone remembers ‘Star’. Christian families place this star on Christmas Eve. Why the original star? Is there any interesting angle behind it? Let’s find out in this story ..

Yes, there is an interesting article behind the Christmas Star. Almost two thousand years ago, Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Israel. Herod, the king of Israel, began the census for the first time. Then Joseph, who wants to marry her, takes months to fill their names and marry her. There is no room in the inn for them to gather. This makes the sheep of a nearby sheep sleep. There they will be born with love.

Gabriel’s messenger sends news of the birth of Jesus to the shepherds near the area. The saviors come to visit the bully ace with a sense of humor that the Lord was born to save them. Three wise men from the eastern country of Bethlehem observe a star shining like never before seen in the sky.

However, according to the Biblical account, the wise men of the East could not see Jesus as soon as he was born. Who first observed the great stellar brightness of the east .. predicted that a ruler was born. They came to the royal palace in Jerusalem to see him. But he did not understand that he was not born in the king’s castle. Eventually, the bully sees the house of Joseph and Mary and considers it his birth. Prophet Balaam prophesied the birth of Jesus Christ 1452 years before Jesus Christ was born. The prophet said that a star came from Jacob. A star helped Bethlehem from East Jerusalem to find Jesus in the Christmas season. Jesus worshipers place the slur on their house. It is called the Christmas Star or Star of Bethlehem.

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